Build your own business apps

Nutshell is the fastest, easiest and most ridiculously cost-efficient way to build and run sophisticated business apps, without writing a single line of code.

Designed for business leaders and non-technical people, it comes with everything you need right out of the box, with no dependencies or hidden costs.

On the railways
speed is everything

As Network Rail roles out its Planning 4 Delivery programme, the rail industry is embarking on the biggest technological shake-up since the industrial revolution. It’s shifting up a gear and going mobile. Will you be ready?

Find out how Nutshell is accelerating digital transformation across the UK rail network, delivering cost-effective, track-side apps to more than 45,000 engineers in record time.

How to stay productive
during lockdown

The global outbreak of Coronavirus has seen millions of people forced to work from home for the first time, which makes safeguarding employees and maintaining a productive and healthy workforce a top priority.

Find out how we crushed the lockdown with our suite of mobile home-working apps and how we’re helping businesses all over the UK to do the same.  

You’re in good company

Customers across a wide variety of industries are using our no code app development platform to create sophisticated, data-driven enterprise apps that enhance productivity and allow organisations to work more flexibly via smartphone and tablet.

  • Network Rail
  • Northumbria Police
  • Citizens Advice
  • Age UK
  • National Heath Service
  • BCM, Nutshell Apps
  • Siemens, Nutshell Apps
  • Tarmac, Nutshell Apps
  • Tracsis, Nutshell Apps

Our no coding, drag & drop enterprise app builder in action

Think mobile app development is difficult? Think again.
Create your own feature rich mobile apps in minutes, with our drag-and-drop, zero-code mobile app development platform.

Whether you’re looking for a managed service, or want to build apps yourself, Nutshell Apps has you covered.

Enterprise apps at 10x the speed of traditional app development

The Nutshell Apps platform makes it incredibly easy for anyone to build, test and deploy sophisticated, data-driven business apps, without needing to write a single line of code. However, if you do need help on your digital transformation journey, we can build your app quicker – and at a lower cost – than anyone else.

Demo of Nutshell Apps

Tick icon  Increase build speed, decrease cost

Our technology allows us to build robust business apps at 10x the speed of traditional app development. This means that we’re able to pass all cost savings straight on to you!

Tick icon  Total flexibility

Nutshell is your partner in delivering fully customised apps that look and function exactly the way you need them to – no off-the-shelf templates here! We’re also platform agnostic, which means that we build once and deploy everywhere, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility with your workforce’s devices.

Tick icon  Plug and play integration

Already knee-deep in enterprise SaaS products? Not to worry: Nutshell’s library of connectors lets you hook it all together in less time than it takes to look up “RESTful API” on Wikipedia.

Build it yourself

At Nutshell, we champion citizen developers and empower disparate workforces, by offering the tools to create sophisticated mobile apps – delivered in days, rather than months. Digitise your old business processes for a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile app development and put the power of digital transformation into the hands of your workforce. We’re the only no code mobile app development platform that gives you – and your end users – everything you need… in a Nutshell.

Demo of Nutshell Apps

Tick icon  Drag and drop – no code mobile app development

Build slick user interfaces and complex mobile workflows in minutes, using Nutshell Apps’ drag and drop components. No restrictive, auto-generated templates and no code – build your app exactly the way you want it.

Tick icon  Simple data mapping

No need to learn complex relational databases. If you’re into spreadsheets, you’ll be digitising your old-fashioned paper processes in no time, with Nutshell’s simple data mapping tools.

Tick icon  Plug and play integration

Already knee-deep in enterprise SaaS products? Not to worry: Nutshell’s library of connectors lets you hook it all together in less time than it takes to look up “RESTful API” on Wikipedia.

Download our product overview here.


Take a look at how quick and easy it is to build with Nutshell apps, by watching our video tutorials.

Watch our video tutorials here.

Nutshell Prototyping

The Nutshell Apps platform is designed to be a safe, secure sandbox, completely separate from your digital ecosystem. It can be used as a rapid prototyping tool that enables everyone – from business analysts to over stretched software developers – to build and test mobile apps in minutes. We’re the ideal solution for bringing together the benefits of prototyping, without the need for accelerated delivery.

Demo of Nutshell Apps

Tick icon  Risk-free prototyping

Whether you’re a technical lead, project manager or UX/UI designer, Nutshell Apps offers the only risk-free environment in which to prototype, test and scale your enterprise mobility strategy, without putting added pressure on your software development teams.

Tick icon  Enterprise level security

Nutshell Apps is trusted by some of the largest organisations in the UK, so we know that security is of paramount importance. With that in mind, we’ve ensured that the Nutshell Apps platform can handle mission-critical data at every possible level.

Tick icon  An innovative prototyping solution, whatever your role 

Whatever your role or level of expertise, Nutshell lets you collaborate, innovate, prototype and test mobile solutions quickly and cost efficiently, without needing to write a single line of code.

Download our prototyping overview here.

Contact us icon We’re on hand to help you get started.

Find out how we helped these organisations achieve enterprise mobility

Citizens Advice

Pointing icon  Find out how Nutshell helped Citizens Advice overcome tough economic challenges by bringing it in-house…

NHS Code4Health

Pointing icon  Find out how Nutshell helped the NHS transform young peoples’ mental health monitoring in just an afternoon…

Northumbria Police

Pointing icon  Find out how Nutshell helped Northumbria Police address public demand for reporting non-criminal issues…

No coding & no technical knowledge required

With Nutshell Apps’ simple, visual, drag-and-drop app builder, anyone can create, test and deploy their own enterprise mobile apps. Empower your employees to become citizen developers, enable them to build the solution to their own business problems and alleviate the strain on your IT and software development teams, with Nutshell Apps.

Easy to learn

Mobile app development – in a Nutshell! Follow our step-by-step video tutorials and you’ll be up and running in a matter of hours. All you need to get started is a computer, a smartphone and an internet connection!

Roll-out support

Don’t quite know where to start? Get the most out of your Nutshell Apps subscription with our step-by-step customer success pack – or take advantage of an expert-led workshop to get you started.

Advanced training

Larger teams can get productive from day one, with our tailored training packages, delivered in a way that works best for you: on your premises, or remotely via video conferencing.

Citizens Advice case study

Find out how Nutshell Apps helped Citizens Advice overcome tough economic challenges and maintain their acclaimed level of support in the face of overwhelming rises in public anxiety.
Download case study…

Deploy to all your devices in an instant

With Nutshell’s one-click publishing feature, there are no tedious app-store to slow you down; just instant access to the mobile apps that drive your organisation towards complete process digitisation.

Build once, publish anywhere

Get three apps for the price of one with Nutshell’s one-click publishing, which publishes simultaneously to both iOS and Android.

Smartphone or tablet

Build mobile business apps optimised for both smartphone and tablet devices – in any orientation – for ultimate flexibility.

Instant deployment

No more waiting weeks for app-store reviews. Nutshell Apps lets you deploy and roll back business-critical apps in seconds.

Enterprise construction checklist app on laptop, tablet and mobile
  • One-click publishing to
  • “Android Play Store
  • IOS Apple App Store

Northumbria Police Case study

Find out how Nutshell helped Northumbria Police address public demand for reporting non-criminal issues.
Download the case study…

Too good to be true, right? See it for yourself.

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