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Nutshell is being harnessed to improve planning, documentation, and overall communication on construction projects, for a safer and more compliant working environment.


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Nutshell is a trusted software partner to some of the world’s safest brands

Health and Safety Manager

We help Planners bridge the gap between site and back office

As a Planner in construction and engineering, everyone looks to you for direction.

But from speaking to professionals like you every day, we know there are recurring issues with frontline reporting and data processing that make planning a lot harder than it needs to be.

Nutshell helps Planners manage the communication and documentation process with standardised frontline reporting tools, where planning and briefing documents can be updated automatically to ensure everyone’s always singing from the same hymn sheet.

Project planning apps

Nutshell has a library of industry-standard construction planning apps that can be implemented instantly — free with a Nutshell subscription.

Site Briefing

Industry standard site briefing app

Construction Site Diary

Industry standard construction site diary

Lift Plan (MEWPS)

Industry standard MEWPS lift plan

Site/Shift Report

Industry standard site/shift report

Hot Work Permit

Industry standard hot work permit

Permit to Dig

Industry standard permit to dig app

At last — complete safe work packs with no missing pages

When work packs are printed and manually distributed, key information often goes missing, with no way of keeping track of the pack’s contents.

This results in potentially unsafe work, or at least time wasted chasing down the missing sheets.

With Nutshell Apps, you have a full work pack available in the palm of your hand; none of the information can go missing, and you can update it whenever you like as processes naturally change.

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Chasing missing Health and Safety data
No-code apps for Health & Safety in Rail/Construction

Louder for those at the back — work packs that update automatically

Perhaps the only thing more dangerous than missing information is out-of-date or inaccurate information, and it’s no wonder work packs go out of date when you’re dealing with hundreds of pages of A4 and information that changes on the daily.

With Nutshell, you can update documentation then publish everywhere, so everyone from site worker to back office will have the latest plans. You can even configure work packs to be updated automatically with daily reporting, streamlining planning administration even further.

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Our Works Planning toolkits — free with a Nutshell subscription

Very rarely do Nutshell customers settle for just one app — once they discover what can be achieved on the platform, they soon want to do everything on Nutshell! That’s why we’ve bundled together our most popular Engineering Works Planning apps in the following toolkits…

Man using OnTrac's Access Points app on his smartphone

Construction Planning Toolkit

Everything needed to plan ahead on a construction project, in the palm of your hand.

Mobile worker using the eSWP app on a tablet device

Rail Project Planning Toolkit

Bridge the communication gap between frontline workers and back-office planner with our rail project planning toolkit.

National Hazard Directory app

Health and Safety Planning Toolkit

Update plans and documentation in line with daily reports with our Health and Safety planning toolkit.

Bridge communication between site-based teams and back office

Planners rely heavily on the reporting from site teams to move forward with the project, but strained communication between teams on site, not to mention the disconnect with back office, means these reports rarely arrive on time or in an optimal format.

In a survey by Cornerstone Projects LTD, 35% of respondents reported not having the full information about a project as the most common reason for delays and going over budget.

With Nutshell, each team has its own handheld reporting suite with workflows that populate key construction planning documents, so all essential processes can be managed in one place; complete project visibility with no detective work required.

Ensure easy daily reporting with Nutshell’s inspection checklist apps…

Paper form frustration
No-code apps for fieldworkers

Make reporting quick and easy for everyone

Part of the reason you don’t have the support or consideration from site workers is that you make their life harder — you’re asking for all these reports, but nobody has the time or patience to fill them in.

Nutshell makes frontline reporting hassle-free. All forms and checklists are available in the palm of your hand, with autocompletes and data validation to ensure you’re only submitting data that’s accurate and recognised by the system. These reports are then submitted instantly, without having to hunt down the relevant person on site!

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Trusted in planning and documentation

Nutshell is trusted by engineering industry giants such as Siemens, Murphy, Systra, and Network Rail to name but a few. We’ve improved frontline reporting and reduced data processing time and costs to ensure work is delivered safely, on time, and on budget.

Isolation and uncertainty

Siemens rail engineers built and launched their own close-call management apps without having to wait for the IT department

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Poor ergonomics

Systra replaced a host of complex spreadsheets with apps they built in Nutshell, smashing the time taken to process forms by 75%

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Poor ergonomics

Murphy’s rail division built, tested and deployed a suite of track-side apps in less time than it took to get through procurement

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Fatigue management

Network Rail built, tested and deployed more than 80 site safety inspection apps with Nutshell in record-breaking time

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Prevent duplication of effort by pushing and pulling data from reports and documentation

Another reason site workers hate reporting is they’re constantly writing the same information over and over. This leads to skipped reports or leaving sections blank.

According to a survey from Levelset, construction businesses are losing more than 1 full day of work every week to inefficiency, with 85% of respondents spending more than 1/4 of their time tracking & reporting on project progress.

Nutshell allows you to pull information from documentation or other reports to pre-populate fields, significantly reducing the time it takes to fill out reports and with no manual data handling risks.

Learn how Nutshell helped Network Rail induct staff remotely with their new frontline reporting and competency tracker apps…

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All forms, reports, and a nutshell.

Interested in learning more about how Nutshell can solve your reporting pains and compliance conundrums? Why not get in touch — we’ll set you up with a free trial to see it for yourself.