The future of UK Healthcare is mobile

As the Department of Health & Social Care intensifies efforts to create a ‘digital first’ NHS by 2024, there’s only one question you need to ask… will you be ready?


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Digital transformation across the NHS

As part of the Department for Health and Social Care’s long term plan, all providers across the NHS are expected to reach a ‘minimum level of digitisation’ by 2024. This includes clinical and operational processes across all NHS settings and departments.

What’s more, the CQC will be scrutinising providers to assess how effectively they’re using digital services; all in a bid to fulfil the Health Secretary’s key objective of ‘bringing the NHS into the 21st century’. 
So what does this mean for you?

To comply with CQC standards and fulfil the government’s vision of a paperless health service, all NHS providers will need to go digital… and quickly. But don’t fret, you’re in the right place.

The NHS is the world’s most frustrating place to work for it’s IT.
Staff waste hours transcribing vital clinical data by hand.
It’s clunky, clunky, clunky!

Matt Hancock

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

The revolution has already begun

When the National Programme was scrapped in 2010, it was a clear sign that the age of leviathan software solutions was at an end. Yet NHS Improvement estimate that it still takes 17 years to get an idea from pilot to mainstream adoption within the NHS. So it’s no surprise that clinical staff are taking digital transformation into their own hands.

Even before the GDE programme or the NHS Digital Academy even existed, front-line employees were improvising their own digital solutions using whatever tools they could lay their hands on. Around 66% of all patient data held by hospital trusts is generated and stored in ‘feral systems’: free-form electronic documents or scanned letters that are difficult, if not impossible to share.

It’s crucial then, that the NHS finds a more secure and efficient way to build front-line software, that can tap into the myriad EHR platforms available. That’s where Nutshell comes in.

UK Rail Industry Planning Mobile Apps

The Nutshell platform provides our communities with a rapid app development and delivery environment, dramatically reducing the time and effort to prototype and deliver apps.

Peter Coates

Managing Director, Apperta Foundation

Nutshell Apps, rail, critical safety, trackside, rail safety

Build your own apps

What if you could build your own mobile apps without having to understand code? Sophisticated apps too. Apps for capturing, processing and sharing data, with all the smart security stuff behind the scenes to handle sensitive patient information, without having to implement it yourself. It sounds too good to be true, and yet that’s exactly what our customers are doing. Nutshell’s drag n’ drop mobile app-building platform is empowering front-line staff across all areas of the NHS to drive their own digital transformation initiatives safely and securely; all without having to learn how to code. Anyone capable of building a basic spreadsheet can pick up Nutshell in less than a day. Don’t take our word for it, though. Just look at some of our recent case studies to see what Nutshell is capable of.

Trusted by the UK healthcare sector

Nutshell is being used by NHS Global Digital Exemplars, Electronic Health Record providers and other non-profits to rapidly build and test fully-functional front-line apps, revolutionising the UK health sector. 

Isolation and uncertainty

Find out how Nutshell helped the British Youth Council deliver a twelve-week mobile development project in a single day…

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Fatigue management

Find out how Nutshell helped  Resuscitation Council UK build a rapid prototype of their ReSpect app on the OpenEHR standard…

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Poor ergonomics

Find out how Nutshell helped this global digital exemplar prototype their mobile app for skin cancer outpatients in less than a week…

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Poor ergonomics

Find out how Nutshell helped Better build a rapid prototype of the Apache II mortality app on their global EHR platform…

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The fastest, easiest way to build healthcare apps

Nutshell comes with everything you need to build and run your own front-line apps right out of the box. Simply take up an annual subscription and you’ll be launching your own mobile prototypes in less time than it takes to get a quote from a software firm.


Gone are the days of waiting for over-stretched IT departments or scratching down the back of the sofa for innovation funding. With Nutshell, any member of your clinical team can become a software developer, building and managing sophisticated apps that integrate seamlessly with  your digital eco-system.

eSWP In Nutshell's App Builder

Don’t get left behind

Nutshell offers the fastest and safest way for frontline clinicians to solve their own IT challenges without learning to code, creating bespoke software that meets their needs, within timescales and budgets that were previously considered impossible.

Trusted by Global Digital Exemplars and market-leaders in professional services such as Ernst & Young, Nutshell is pioneering the ‘build it yourself’ revolution within the UK health sector, transforming ideas that would otherwise never see life beyond the flip-chart into mobile reality.

So if you’re wondering how to go about digitising your front-line processes before the rest of the sector leaves you behind, Nutshell might be your new best friend.

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