What can I build with Nutshell Apps?

Don’t let our lego-brick approach to app development fool you – there’s more to Nutshell than meets the eye. From simple mobile forms with electronic signatures to fully integrated digital ecosystems, Nutshell lets you build it all.

Build apps for any device, including smartphone, tablet and desktop

Build apps for any device

Use Nutshell’s drag-and-drop builder to design, build and deploy business apps for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

Publish your apps to the latest smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop devices, so none of your employees will be left out.

Almost 87% of businesses rely on employees using their own mobile devices for work, which can be difficult and expensive to support if you’re creating custom software for your entire workforce.

No need to build an app three times in order to support iOS, Android and Windows 10 – build once, deploy anywhere.

Build mobile forms in record time

Nutshell makes building digital forms a breeze with its library of pre-defined fields and data-capture tools. Everything you could possibly need is covered, from GPS location and e-signatures to auto-complete fields that predict what the end-user is going to type.


Nutshell comes with a suite of deceptively sophisticated data-manipulation tools built-in. From automatic input validation and the ability to show and hide fields based on user-input, to a suite of advanced drag n’ drop data-processing components. Nutshell gives you complete control over your business data.

Create sophisticated PDF documents

Create sophisticated PDF documents

Nutshell’s WYSIWYG PDF editor allows anyone to create professional-looking reports, certificates and legal documents with familiar document design and layout tools.

With full control over paper-size, fonts, colours, tables and formatting, we make it easy to reproduce the high-quality documents your management team are accustomed to.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Use Nutshell’s easy-to-use visual data-mapping tools to insert maps, photographs, electronic signatures and even live data from your app into a polished, professional-looking PDF document.


Create personalised user experiences

Privacy and data protection concerns are paramount in any software development project, so you’ll want to have full control over who has access to what. Nutshell knows who is using your app at any given time, making sure they only have access to the data they’re allowed to see.


Nutshell makes it easy to customise an app to the individual on-the-fly, filtering the data they see and even changing features and workflows based on who the end-user is and what permissions they’ve been granted. Non-developers have never had so much control.

Build multi-stage approval processes

Your employees don’t work in isolation, so the same should be true of the apps you build. From labourers submitting time sheets, to supervisors checking and approving health and safety inspections, multiple-stage workflows are a critical part of digitising any business.

Nutshell takes away the complexity of building sophisticated worker-to-manager hand-off and approval workflows, including electronic signatures and full digital audit trails. With Nutshell, it’s easy to create separate workflows for each user-type, based on their roles and responsibilities.

Build multi-stage approval workflows

Build apps that work without internet connection

There’s nothing worse than losing connection halfway through an important task. It happens more than you’d think, especially when employees are using their own mobile devices for work, and it often results in the loss of critical business data and hours of work.


With Nutshell’s offline capabilities, your apps will work effortlessly with or without internet connection – perfect for those working in internet dead-zones. Simply turn it on, set a few basic rules, then sit back and let Nutshell keep everything in sync.

Nutshell integrates with any third party platform

Build fully integrated digital ecosystems

While Nutshell comes with everything you could possibly need to build interconnected enterprise apps right out-of-the-box, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to integrate those apps with the rest of your back-office software at some point.

Whether you’re backing-up to SharePoint or Oracle, or sending live data to Microsoft Power BI dashboards for real-time reporting, Nutshell’s Connectors make it easy for anyone to integrate their apps with mothership using simple visual data-mapping tools.

 Looking for examples?

Here are just a handful of the most common types of app our customers build with Nutshell every day

Health & Safety

  • Work Site Inspections
  • Risk Assessments
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Close Call Reporting
  • Plant & Vehicle Inspections

HR & Payroll

  • Timesheets
  • Fatigue Management
  • Staff Training & On-boarding
  • Holidays & Sickness
  • Expense Tracking

Service Delivery

  • Project Planning
  • Daily Diaries
  • Site Audits
  • HAV Checklists
  • Permits to Work

Customer Experience

  • Sales & CRM
  • Rich Media Publishing
  • Sign-posting
  • Live Events
  • Wellbeing Journals

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