Apps for Facilities Management

The facilities management industry are empowering their employees with mobile apps to streamline planning, automate documentation, and improve health and safety reporting to keep people safe.


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Nutshell is a trusted software partner to some of the world’s safest brands

Streamline planning, safety reporting and auditing

Facilities Management is heavily regulated. Due to the nature of their work, anything carried out incorrectly or overlooked can have devastating consequences. From gas and boiler checks, to asbestos removal and legionella assessments, the reporting and auditing process is time consuming and laborious.

The solution to this is technology that can distribute project- and safety-critical information throughout an entire workforce in real-time, which can be accessed anywhere – no matter how remote.

Enter Nutshell; fit-for-purpose apps for construction.

Your workforce will be instantly updated with all safety-relevant and revised planning information on their mobile device. And with our offline mode, your team can still log, edit, read, or distribute relevant information, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Nutshell Apps enabled commercial maintenance expert CMS to quickly build and rollout bespoke reporting tools for frontline workers, which are saving hours of manual data entry each day

Facilities Management apps

Nutshell has a library of industry-standard facilties apps that can be implemented instantly — free with a Nutshell subscription.

Site Briefing

Industry standard site briefing app

Site/Shift Report

Industry standard site/shift report

Vehicle Inspection

Industry standard vehicle inspection app


Non-Conformance Reporting

Dust & Noise Exposure

Industry standard dust and noise app

HAVS Management

Industry standard HAVS app

Legionella Risk Assessment

Industry standard legionella prevention app

General Risk Assessment

Industry standard risk app

PPE Inventory Checklist

Industry standard PPE Inventory app

Progress Report

Industry standard progress report app

Clock-in/out Timesheet

Industry standard clock-in/out app

Weekly Timesheet

Industry standard timesheet app

Streamline inspections and checklists

Many responsibilities of facilities management requires bulky forms and paperwork to be filled out to a T, as overlooking a faulty boiler or not recording and removing asbestos can have massive repercussions. However, this also means most of your time is spent filling out forms, rather than working in the field.  

Having saved templates in one digital, accessible space, which can be easily edited and distributed in real-time, is a huge saving on time, effort and ultimately, costs. An app solution leaves your team more time to get on with the job at hand, creating a more motivated workforce.

No-code apps for business leaders

Our Management toolkits — free with a Nutshell subscription

Very rarely do Nutshell customers settle for just one app — once they discover what can be achieved on the platform, they soon want to do everything on Nutshell! That’s why we’ve bundled together some of our most popular facilities apps in the following toolkits…

Man using OnTrac's Access Points app on his smartphone

Reporting Toolkit

All essential daily reports, inspections, and safety standards bundled together for your convenience.

Mobile worker using the eSWP app on a tablet device

Planning Toolkit

Bridge the communication gap between frontline workers and back office with our project planning toolkit.

National Hazard Directory app

Induction Toolkit

Ensure safe, compliant behaviours from day one with a thorough induction tool in the palm of your hand.

Don't get left behind

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption across the board – this is no different for facilities management. In such a manual field, it has been impossible to carry out the same paper-and-pen processes that require physical completion and distribution from person to person. Increasingly, businesses are realising they can complete the same processes, safely and quickly, through apps.

Technology is the future. If you want to stay relevant to your clients, you need to incorporate more technology into your everyday processes and procedures.

Trusted in Facilities Management…

Nutshell is trusted by some of the largest employers across physical industries such as rail and construction, where people and process management, and safe systems of work, take precedence over anything else.

OnTrac, Nutshell Apps

Murphy was able to digitise dozens of industry-standard forms and processes in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development with Nutshell.

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BCM, Nutshell Apps

BCM Construction can now quickly build and rollout bespoke applications to collect and process data on the frontline.

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CMS can now quickly test and deploy bespoke frontline reporting apps, at a fraction of their expected development cost.

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