The rising trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which enables employees to use their own mobile devices to access corporate networks and data, has seen a huge boost in productivity. As a user-centered solution that boosts efficiency; employee availability and reduces costs, it offers great benefit to construction management organisations with large supply-chains and disparate workers.

The Problem

In today’s technologically complex environment, determining how to deliver and maintain enterprise apps for disparate workforces can represent an enormous challenge, especially when supply-chains range from 10s to 1000s of workers.

The Solution

With Nutshell Apps, building and deploying apps is consistent and simultaneous across all device and tablet operating systems. Being able to build your apps once and deploy it to your entire workforce, regardless of device, at the click of a button, is immeasurable for enterprises and SMEs alike.

Reducing costs

The ability to control and manage significant amounts of information that track and schedule maintenance; regulate resource allocation or support budget preparation is key on any site for better decision making.

The Problem

The need to rapidly build and deploy multi-platform mobile apps to huge supply-chains highlights the ever-increasing cost of outsourcing traditional app development, which can easily outweigh the benefits of building apps in the first place. With increasing regulatory strains and decreasing budgets, organisations are expected to do more with less, whilst still delivering supply chain solutions that don’t compromise service.

The Solution

With cost savings and productivity among the primary motives for introducing a mobility strategy, the payoff from bringing app development in-house and tapping in to resources and valuable insight beyond that of the IT department, has seen facilities management cut costs, boost productivity and place frontline staff within the future of work, today. By rapidly deploying multi-platform mobile apps to distributed workforces, the facilities industry have seen increased productivity and efficiency across key processes, whilst also achieving strict cost-saving targets.


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