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Nutshell’s suite of mobile and desktop human resource apps can be scaled, customised, and integrated with your existing HR and Payroll systems, for seamless self-serve employee process management.


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Employee working from home

Good human resource management requires good technology

Recent global events have completely changed the way we work. Businesses now need human resource systems that cater to employees working in the office, out in the field, or completely remotely.

With employees and line managers no longer as connected physically, you need to ensure there are no breaks in the chain when it comes to vital HR processes such as onboarding, holiday requests, absence reporting, and performance reviews.

Embracing mobile technology for HR functions ensures employees can take control of their wellbeing at work, with line managers notified instantly of any requests or changes, and a clear audit trail to track these processes in your integrated HRIS.

With Nutshell, you can pick and choose from our suite of existing HR apps, or simply build your own from scratch…

“The Nutshell platform enabled us to build our own employee handbook app in just a few days, which makes onboarding new staff a breeze, particularly in this culture of remote working.”

Joanne Madrell

OnTrac Ltd

Less time on process, more time on people

HR professionals are often frustrated by the time they spend collecting and collating employee data.

Digitising and automating any manual or paper processes not only makes your HR team more efficient, it allows them to focus their time on improving employee experience to retain your best talent.

Nutshell’s suite of mobile apps for HR make it easier than ever to:


Onboard new starters
Seamless onboarding with our recruitment, new starter, and employee handbook apps

Track attendance
Holiday requests and sickness leave managed on mobile

Nurture talent
Encourage development with probation and performance reviews

No-code apps for business leaders
HR Expenses app - built with Nutshell

Employee expenses app

Convert your chunky employee handbook into a paginated mobile app, where you can keep track of who’s read it and how much of it.

OnTrac Ltd's HR Probation Review App - built with Nutshell

Probation review app

Employees can request leave with an integrated calendar on their mobile phone, and their line manager will instantly be notified for approval.

Tracsis Employee Handbook app - built with Nutshell

Employee handbook app

Convert your chunky employee handbook into a paginated mobile app, where you can keep track of who’s read it and how much of it.

A new era is coming...

With social distancing, many new starters are being onboarded completely remotely. This makes it challenging to manage their induction, both in terms of the expectations associated with their role, and all the vital processes associated with new starters such as collecting financials and emergency contacts.


Companies are taking advantage of Nutshell’s HR apps to ensure standards don’t slip in this culture of remote working. Businesses must maintain the level of visibility and accountability expected when working in the office, while empowering employees with tools that make their work life easier and more enjoyable in challenging times.


Our customers have found great value in Nutshell’s suite of existing HR apps, but many have taken it a step further by customising the look and feel of their app to match company branding, and tweaked processes to match that of their existing systems.

Don’t take our word for it…

Nutshell is trusted by some of the largest employers across physical industries such as rail and construction, where people and process management, and safe systems of work, take precedence over anything else.

OnTrac, Nutshell Apps

OnTrac’s HR team saved hours of manual data entry by delivering a suite of 10 slick, self-service apps

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Fatigue management

Network Rail built, tested and deployed their Covid app to ensure social distancing measures were being adhered to

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Nutshell integrates with any third party platform

Integrate with your existing HRIS

Nutshell makes it really easy to build processes that integrate your new HR apps with your existing CRM, ERP, or HR Information System. 

You no longer have to worry about manual data processing, where information can be lost or comprimised. Any data submitted through Nutshell Apps can pass directly into your HRIS, with approval steps to notify line managers and request their authorisation if necessary.

When dealing with often sensitive personal information, automated processes also make it easier to stay compliant, and give you full control over data handling.


Too good to be true, right? See it for yourself.

Learn how to drag-and-drop your business away from paper forms and tedious processes by arranging a free 20-minute demo with our product team.

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