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Our Story

How Nutshell came to be the only no code mobile app development platform that puts the power of digital change directly into the hands of the end user.

Nutshell Apps was born from an idea to simplify the app development process. Our collective industry experience spans almost three decades and since the launch of the smartphone, we’ve seen technology go through an almost constant state of transformation.

Even before we came together, a collective thorn in our side was the sheer amount of time it took traditional, native mobile app development to go from proof of concept, to finished product. So, when we first opened our doors in 2015, we aimed to achieve that goal. We began working on ways to quickly test and explore ideas, realising quickly that what we were doing went far beyond rapid prototyping to support the native app development process and software developers.

What we were creating was so much more than that. Our end result was Nutshell Apps: the world’s first drag and drop mobile app development platform that required absolutely no coding skills whatsoever.

Our first project was replicating a previous idea our CEO had a few years prior in our new no code app development environment. What had originally taken six weeks per platform to complete, was replicated and deployed to all platforms – Android and iOS – in two days.

Since then, our goal has been to help customers go mobile with ease, keep their businesses connected and automate existing paper-based processes, without burdening IT teams or requiring huge learning curves with complicated code bases.

Nutshell is now a trusted no code mobile app development platform that is becoming a core part of our customers’ enterprise mobility and digital transformation strategies. Nutshell empowers anyone within a business to create and distribute mobile apps; after all, the best apps are the ones that are shaped by the people who use them.