Our Story

How Nutshell came to be the only no code mobile app development platform that puts the power of digital change directly into the hands of the end user.

Nutshell Apps: an origin story

As a company that focuses on streamlining and simplifying processes, it should come as no surprise that our origins are inextricably linked to a problem that needed to be solved.

A decade ago, when mobile app development was still in its relative infancy, OnTrac Ltd were experiencing the frustrations and challenges that often go hand in hand with traditional mobile app development.

Working with a wide range of organisations across the UK’s rail industry, OnTrac found that it was taking months to develop mobile apps for each separate operating system. Tens of thousands of pounds later – before long-term support and maintenance costs – OnTrac, whose focus was automating business processes and reducing costs – decided there must be a better way…

What happened next?

Nutshell was originally built as a prototyping tool, so that OnTrac could quickly test and explore mobile app ideas with their clients. However, as the platform evolved, the company realised it could be so much more than a rapid prototyping tool for development teams.

The company replicated an app they had previously built for one of their largest clients using traditional mobile app development methods. This app, which had previously taken six weeks per platform, was replicated and deployed to all platforms in just two days.

So, Nutshell Apps was born.

The product was so successful, that Nutshell Apps was launched as a business in its own right in 2015.

In the past few years our goal has been to help our customers go mobile with ease, keep their business connected and automate existing paper-based processes. The platform is becoming a core part of our customers’ enterprise mobility and digital transformation strategies; empowering everyone within a business to create and distribute mobile apps – after all, the best apps are the ones that are shaped by the people who use them.

What used to take weeks now took minutes. So we launched the product as a business in its own right, so that other companies could enjoy its benefits and start building apps themselves.


Nutshell Apps

Create your own feature rich mobile apps in minutes with the Nutshell Apps drag and drop, zero code app development platform. This easy to use, web based system allows you to build, customise and manage mobile apps without any coding knowledge whatsoever. It’s digital transformation in a Nutshell!