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Designed for Gateshead College, E-pprentice is improving efficiency and streamlining the enrolment process.


Ed Tech Awards

EdTech Awards

EdTech CoolTool Awards Finalist

Built for E-pprentice

Built for Gateshead College

Making apprenticeship enrolment faster and easier

Endless customisation

Endless customisation

E-pprentice can be customised to suit your establishment

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Cross App Integration

Forget collating and storing away paperwork, Nutshell have developed a seamless solution which consists of individual apps for each party involved in the enrolment process.

Offline Mode

With E-pprentice, you can work offline, minimising disruption and increasing productivity.  Activity is cached and delivered when connection is restored.

PDF Integration

Once an enrolment is complete, the assessor can simply click a button within the app to generate a PDF, collating all documents from the entire application. 

Mandatory Form Fields

Maintain accurate and reliable records, and easily analyse apprenticeship enrolment data by ensuring certain form fields are made compulsory to be completed by users. 

Filter By Status

See in an instant the progress of each enrolment and when they were last updated. This allows you to keep track of applicants and accurately forecast completion dates. 


Enhance overall satisfaction and engagement with the easy-to-use E-pprentice solution. Built with accessibility and usability in mind, users are given a seamless navigation experience.

A synchronised solution

No large, slow and unwieldy software. E-pprentice is split into 4 succinct components that communicate impeccably ensuring each user sees only what’s relevant to them.

apprenticeship enrolment

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About Nutshell

E-pprentice is built on Nutshell, the world’s first No-Code mobile app development platform.

No-Code, no compromises

Fast customisation with no hidden costs

Easily scalable

With nutshell, digitisation is scalable!

With hundreds of ready-to-go apps built by Nutshell, digitising additional processes is easy, fast and cost-effective

Apprenticeship Enrolment

You’re in good company

Nutshell customers come in all shapes and sizes. From enormous market-leaders to public sector organisations to SMEs, Nutshell’s malleable approach makes light work of even the most complicated digitisation projects.

Nutshell brings your ideas to life! 

Implement your vision swiftly and effectively with our flexible, no-code app platform.

Enrolment made simple

E-pprentice enables you to streamline your enrolment process and satisfy OFSTED and ESFA standards.

Nutshell are fantastic, their apps are so quick and easy to use! I won’t hesitate to recommend Nutshell Apps to other businesses looking to digitise their processes. 

Ben Huxtable

Director, BH Electrical

Apprenticeship Enrolment

Nutshell has really improved our business, with 95% of our employees using our apps. This has meant our organisation can keep running even when we are all out of the office.

Stas Adamovic 

Business Systems Support Analyst, Systra

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