Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a no-code mobile development platform is a big decision and we’re all about transparency at Nutshell, so we’ve tried to answer every possible question you might have below. If we haven’t answered your question here, please get in touch.

Commercial FAQs

How much does Nutshell cost?

Nutshell is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product with a flat monthly subscription based on how many employees or end-users you have. Your subscription includes everything you need to build, run and manage as many apps as you want, without extra cost. There are one or two additional upgrades you might decide to add, but these are not necessary. Speak to our team to discuss your requirements.

Can Nutshell build apps for me?

Nutshell is hands-down the fastest and easiest way to build and deploy business apps yourself, but we understand that not everybody has the time. That’s why our Customer Success team have put together an army of Nutshell Ninjas, ready to build apps for our customers at the drop of a hat. With Nutshell, apps that would ordinarily take several months to build take a matter of days. Speak to our team about your requirements.

Do I have to use the Nutshell container app?

No. We provide our Nutshell-branded container app for free to make things easy for our customers, but we do offer an optional upgrade for those who want their own container app with their own logo and colour-scheme. Be sure to ask for this to be included in your quote.

What if I want to move away from Nutshell in the future?

Nutshell’s drag n’ drop app builder is so quick and easy to use, that building a fully functional app is as easy as putting together a wire-frame. This means that if you did decide to move to a native app further down the line, there’s little to no wasted effort, since you already have a working prototype.

In reality, our customers find that the user-experience with Nutshell is so good, that moving to a native app later is an unecessary undertaking. That said, if you really must start over, Nutshell makes it easy to export all of your data ready for migration.

Can I control who builds and publishes apps?

Yes. Nutshell provides easy-to-use governance tools, ensuring that your administrators, app-builders and end-users are kept separate. You won’t need to worry about any old Tom, Dick and Harriet bashing out apps willy-nilly.

Technical FAQs

Can Nutshell integrate with legacy systems?

It depends on the system you’re integrating with, but broadly yes. Nutshell can easily integrate with any third party system with a REST API. If your legacy system does not have an API, our technical team can discuss various bespoke options with you. Speak to our team now to discuss your requirements.

Is Nutshell secure?

Yes. Nutshell encrypts all data in-transit and at-rest, using industry standard prototcols. What’s more, we are ISO27001 compliant and are working towards certification this year. For those in high-risk businesses, we offer an optional fully-managed SOC at additional cost.

Is Nutshell GDPR compliant?

Yes. Nutshell requires very little personal data from your end-users (just an email address). What you build with Nutshell, however, and the types of data you process with it are entirely up to you.

Which Operating Systems can Nutshell build apps for?

Nutshell can build and publish apps for the following operating systems:

  • iOS (current major version + two version backward compatibility)
  • Android (current major version + three version backward compatibility)
  • Windows 10 desktop/laptop
  • MacOSX desktop/laptop

Nutshell no longer supports Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices. 

How long does the app-store review process take?

Apple’s app-store review process can take anything from a few hours to several weeks and is a major thorn in any IT Manager’s side. That’s why Nutshell publishes apps to it’s own container. There is no app-store review process when you publish a Nutshell app, so they’re available to your workforce instantly. 

Can I revoke a user's access to an app?

Yes. When you remove a given user from a Nutshell app, their access to it is immediately revoked. The next time they open the Nutshell container on their device, the app will be automatically removed along with all of its data.

Which devices do you support?

With Nutshell, you can build apps for Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop/Laptop devices. Wearables are not currently supported.

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