Health and Safety management apps

Nutshell’s suite of health and safety apps improves frontline reporting and streamlines administration on construction projects, for a safer and more compliant working environment.


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Nutshell is a trusted software partner to some of the world’s safest brands

Health and Safety Manager

We help Health and Safety Managers manage

As a Health and Safety Manager, you care deeply about the safety of your staff.

But from speaking to professionals like you on a daily basis, we know there are universal issues with frontline reporting and data administration that make you more susceptible to fines, NCRs, and even increased risk.

Nutshell helps manage these health and safety processes with standardised frontline reports that can be logged and administrated instantly, with approval steps to ensure you get the right data every time.

Health and Safety apps

Nutshell has a library of industry-standard health and safety apps that can be implemented instantly — free with a Nutshell subscription.

Close Call Report

Industry standard close call reporting

Near Miss Report

Industry standard near miss reporting

Incident Report

Industry standard incident reporting

Site/Shift Report

Industry standard site/shift report


Non-Conformance Reporting

Construction Site Diary

Industry standard construction site diary

No more missing or incomplete reports

Staff are failing to log regular reports, or leaving sections blank. This means you have to spend time chasing down health and safety data to progress with the project and prevent risk, or run the risk of a fine or NCR should you be audited.

With the average construction fine being around £110,000, these pesky missing reports could soon lead to a devastating penalty.

Health and Safety managers are harnessing Nutshell’s digital inspections and checklists to ensure all forms and sheets are completed in full. Workers can access these reports on their mobile phones, and are prevented from submitting them until all required data is included.

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Chasing missing Health and Safety data
No-code apps for Health & Safety in Rail/Construction

Get the right data every time

Missing data may be spotted in time, but bad data often isn’t identified until the eventual mistake is made. Bad data in the planning stage leads to design failures, while bad daily reporting can impact work delivery and safety on site.

All Nutshell reports include data validation, so you can specify the length and format in which data needs to be submitted to ensure it’s compatible with your back-end systems.

It can be text, numbers, images, or even location data, and workers can’t submit the report until it’s either in the right format, or their manager is happy with it. This is a blessing when faced with a Health and Safety audit!

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Our Health and Safety toolkits — free with a Nutshell subscription

Very rarely do Nutshell customers settle for just one app — once they discover what can be achieved, they soon want to do everything on Nutshell! That’s why we’ve bundled together some of our most popular Health and Safety apps in the following toolkits…

Man using OnTrac's Access Points app on his smartphone

Health and Safety Reporting Toolkit

All essential daily reports, inspections, and safety standards bundled together for your convenience.

Mobile worker using the eSWP app on a tablet device

Health and Safety Planning Toolkit

Bridge the communication gap between frontline workers and back office with our H&S planning toolkit.

National Hazard Directory app

Health and Safety Compliance Toolkit

Ensure safe, compliant behaviours with prompt daily reports and inspections in the palm of your hand.

Access and submit reports instantly

Reporting on paper means workers must take time to hunt down the right form, not to mention the cost of printing and filing these documents, estimated at around £280 per head each year (that’s £14k for just 50 staff).

With Nutshell, all daily and safety-critical reports are available in the palm of your hand, and can be accessed instantly to ensure risk is recorded and addressed immediately.

What’s more, these reports can update your health and safety documentation automatically, with app links and process flows to ensure you’re always singing from the same hymn sheet.

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Paper form frustration
Poor ergonomics

Reduce costs and admin workload with streamlined data processing

Report data needs to be processed and actioned in enough time to prevent risk. But when reports are done on paper, admin staff can have a real hard time processing inconsistent, sometimes illegible information.

Nutshell’s data validation tools ensure reports are always logged in an optimal format. What’s more, they’re immediately submitted to back office without the need for manual collection or processing – you can even integrate with your back-office system to completely streamline administration.

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Trusted in health and safety

Nutshell is trusted by engineering industry giants such as Siemens, Murphy, Systra, and Network Rail to name but a few. We’ve improved frontline reporting and reduced data processing time and costs to ensure work is delivered safely, on time, and on budget.

Isolation and uncertainty

Siemens rail engineers built and launched their own close-call management apps without having to wait for the IT department

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Poor ergonomics

Systra replaced a host of complex spreadsheets with apps they built in Nutshell, smashing the time taken to process forms by 75%

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Poor ergonomics

Murphy’s rail division built, tested and deployed a suite of track-side apps in less time than it took to get through procurement

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Fatigue management

Network Rail built, tested and deployed more than 80 site safety inspection apps with Nutshell in record-breaking time

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Ensure safety and compliance by tracking competencies through induction and beyond

Gaps in your induction process increase risk and cause compliance headaches. Individual competencies need to be recorded, with an audit trail to confirm workers have been given a proper onboarding with full training.

With a site worker being three times more likely to suffer an injury in their first month, safe working practices need to be instilled from day one.

Nutshell’s onboarding checklists ensure a full step-by-step induction process, where competencies and training are recorded in real-time. Your induction pack can also be updated whenever necessary, so materials never go out of date.

Learn how Nutshell helped Network Rail induct staff remotely with their new frontline reporting and competency tracker apps…

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All forms, reports, and a nutshell.

Interested in learning more about how Nutshell can solve your reporting pains and compliance conundrums? Why not get in touch — we’ll set you up with a free trial to see it for yourself.