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Operations management apps

Opps managers are embracing Nutshell’s mobile app platform to improve operations and logistics management throughout a project, for a more efficient and better-connected working environment.


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Nutshell is a trusted software partner to some of the world’s safest brands

Health and Safety Manager

We help Operations Managers manage

As an Operations Manager, you need to be consistently kept up-to-date on the processes and projects at hand.

But problems such as inaccurate reports, lack of standardised processes, and poor communication flow are all too common. In a manual setting, these issues are particularly troublesome, not only for wasting time and money, but also potentially causing physical harm and running the risk of heavy fines and NCRs.  

Nutshell provides Operations Managers with real-time communication and a clear workflow so you have constant visibility of all areas of the project, helping you manage more effectively while increasing safety on site.

Operations Management apps

Nutshell has a library of industry-standard operations management apps that can be implemented instantly — all made possible with a Nutshell subscription.

Site Briefing

Industry standard site briefing app

Site/Shift Report

Industry standard site/shift report

Construction Site Diary

Industry standard construction site diary

Business Requirements

Industry standard requierments app

Vendor Registration App

Industry standard vendor registration form

PPE Inventory Checklist

Industry standard PPE Inventory app

No more blind spots

Operations Managers need to have eyes everywhere. A PMI study found that poor communication leads to one third of construction project failures, which isn’t surprising considering all the different elements of a project that need to be monitored over a workforce spread between site and back office. 

With Nutshell’s operations management software, you see everything that’s happening on site, from health and safety processes, to timescales, to reporting. Everything is saved on one digital platform, available to you whenever you need it through your personal device. 

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Chasing missing Health and Safety data
No-code apps for Health & Safety in Rail/Construction

No more inconsistent, incorrect data

Good data is crucial for streamlining processes and improving safety, but standardised reporting is often disregarded when using paper-based processes, as when out on site, it’s easy to forget, misplace, or damage specific forms. This practice leaves gaping holes in your project data.

Did you know 45% of construction professionals report spending more time than expected on non-optimal activities, with the biggest culprits being fixing mistakes and looking for project data.

Nutshell provides templates for operations management reports, all saved to the cloud and accessible anywhere from your mobile device. Workers are prevented from continuing to the next stage of approval until they have completed all the required fields, making missing data a thing of the past.

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Our Operations Management toolkits — only available with a Nutshell subscription

Very rarely do Nutshell customers settle for just one app — once they discover what can be achieved on the platform, they soon want to do everything on Nutshell! That’s why we’ve bundled together some of our most popular apps for Operations Managers in the following toolkits…

Man using OnTrac's Access Points app on his smartphone

Site Reporting Toolkit

All essential daily reports, inspections, and safety standards bundled together for your convenience.

Mobile worker using the eSWP app on a tablet device

Project Planning Toolkit

Bridge the communication gap between frontline workers and back office with our project planning toolkit.

National Hazard Directory app

Induction Toolkit

Ensure safe, compliant behaviours from day one with a thorough construction site induction tool in the palm of your hand.

Complete audit trails

When using paper-and-pen processes, it’s all too common to have missing or incorrect information that needs to be chased down. As a Operations Manager, you have the problem of concluding who exactly needs chasing. With such a hectic schedule, you certainly don’t have time to be playing detective. 

Nutshell provides accountability and quality control through logging all interactions, stored safely in the cloud. This information can be accessed by a Operations Manager at any time, anywhere, clearly showing where a piece of documentation is up to in the sign-off process and who it’s currently sitting with.

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Paper form frustration
Poor ergonomics

Clear workflows for every process

Any Operations Manager knows that without a clear workflow, a project ultimately cannot be planned or executed properly. A survey conducted by KPMG found 69% of construction projects were over budget by more than 10%. This can rise to a staggering 80% over budget with large projects. 

Unclear workflows lead to wasted money and time on processes that aren’t managed efficiently or need to be corrected. Not to mention the considerable fines and NCRs a business could incur if parts of a process are missed. 

A clear, uniform workflow ensures everyone is on the same page. With Nutshell, operations management workflows can be created in an easily understood format, as well as being accessible to all involved at any time or place.

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Trusted in operations management

Nutshell is trusted by engineering industry giants such as Siemens, Murphy, Systra, and Network Rail to name but a few. We’ve improved frontline reporting and reduced data processing time and costs to ensure work is delivered safely, on time, and on budget.

Isolation and uncertainty

Siemens rail engineers built and launched their own close-call management apps without having to wait for the IT department

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Poor ergonomics

Systra replaced a host of complex spreadsheets with apps they built in Nutshell, smashing the time taken to process forms by 75%

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Poor ergonomics

Murphy’s rail division built, tested and deployed a suite of track-side apps in less time than it took to get through procurement

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Fatigue management

Network Rail built, tested and deployed more than 80 site safety inspection apps with Nutshell in record-breaking time

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Stay up-to-date

When it comes to construction and engineering projects, time is of the essence. It’s imperative that any changes or new plans are communicated throughout the team, so you can continue managing the project effectively. 

When time is lost, so is the efficiency of the work at hand. According to McKinsey, boosting productivity could save nearly $1.7 trillion annually.

Nutshell empowers Operations Managers with real-time updates, reports, and communication through your personal device, so you can be confident you have all the latest information even in the most remote location.

Discover how Nutshell enabled Network Rail to keep consistently up to date on COVID safety-critical reporting and processes on site…

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All forms, reports, and inspections...in a nutshell.

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