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Nutshell is the fastest and easiest way to build and deploy custom business applications, digital forms and automated workflows without writing a line of code.

Whether you’re looking to DIY your digital transformation or snag bespoke, enterprise-grade software in a snap, Nutshell’s got your back!

No code, just solutions.

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Enterprise-Grade Software, Without the Wait

With Nutshell’s powerful no-code platform, getting your bespoke enterprise-grade business apps is faster and more cost-effective than ever. Think of it as assembling advanced software with intuitive drag-and-drop components – like piecing together the ultimate tech puzzle.

By digitising outdated processes with our code-free applications, our customers typically save 80% on software development costs, delivering their digital transformation roadmap up to 20x faster.

The Nutshell team took our vision and converted it to an app-based system which is now used on all our projects. The apps are simple to use and have received good feed back from our operational sites.

Daniel Hatcher

Bauer Technologies

No-Code software for any industry

Nutshell is the perfect no-code application development platform for any business with a distributed workforce – here are just a handful of examples

Rail Infrastructure

Here are just some of the workflows leading rail engineers are digitising with Nutshell:

  • Permits to work
  • Line-blocks
  • Possessions
  • RAMS & SSoW
  • Site inductions
  • Daily diaries
  • Shift reports
  • Close-calls

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Construction & Civils

Here are just a handful of business processes top contractors are automating with Nutshell:

  • Site diaries
  • Toolbox talks
  • Timesheets
  • Fatigue management
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Vibration, noise and dust management
  • Lift planning

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Facilities Management

Here are just a few of the processes facilities management firms are building apps for:

  • Job tracking
  • Gas-safe certification
  • Timesheets
  • Asbestos control
  • Legionella inspections
  • Asset management
  • Condition surveys
  • Vehicle inspections

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No code, no compromises

Unlike other no-code platforms, Nutshell lets you create every aspect of a professional-grade app without having to learn how to code


Build beautiful, interactive digital forms to capture live data out in the field


Manipulate, save and share app data however you like, with visual data-mapping


Build fully-automated processes using Nutshell’s code-free business logic


Create stress-free one-click audit reports and self-branded data-driven PDF documents


Plugin to your existing back-office software using Nutshell’s no-code connectors

Accelerate your digital transformation

While competitors mess around with expensive off-the-shelf apps that don’t talk to each other, our customers stay ahead of the curve. They use Nutshell’s no-code software development tools to quickly design, build and deploy full-on digital ecosystems, 100% tailored to their business.

BCM Construction

With Nutshell, BCM designed and deployed a suite of 30+ bespoke mobile apps for their workforce

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Commercial Maintenance Services

With Nutshell, CMS replaced their archaic job management tool with a suite of mobile apps

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“Nutshell is the backbone of our digital ecosystem. We now know exactly where we are in our digital transformation journey, and are already seeing and feeling the benefits.”

Marcus Brown

IT Manager - BCM Construction Ltd

Build apps for any device, including smartphone, tablet and desktop

Build custom applications for any device

Nutshell’s drag n’ drop app builder allows time-pressured teams to create, test and deploy bespoke business software for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

There’s no need to build the same app multiple times just to support every device on the market – Nutshell lets you build once and deploy everywhere in a single click.

See it in action

In our RISQS audit, when the auditor saw Nutshell’s app, he commented that it was the best Fatigue Management system he has ever come across.

Dave Atkinson


Stay ahead of a rapidly changing world

While everyone else burns through their IT budget just keeping the lights on, our customers are able to react swiftly to any situation by up-skilling their existing people. With Nutshell, department leaders can finally build their own digital solutions, leaving your techies to focus where they add most value.

Network Rail Works Delivery

Using Nutshell, Network Rail was able to innovate in a time of global crisis, with a digital reporting system to maintain social distancing on-site…

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Our customers use Nutshell to rapidly build cross-functional applications that talk effortlessly to one another

Health & Safety

Don’t change your proven working practices to fit generic off-the-peg reporting and inspection tools
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Untangle that mess of off-the-shelf apps and data silos, with a unified workflow 100% tailored to your business
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Make audit anxiety a thing of the past, creating your own air-tight reports that can be exported with a single tap
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Human Resources

Automate those crucial little workflows off-the-shelf software leaves behind, fully integrated with your HRMS
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Nutshell is a trusted software partner to some of the world's most innovative companies

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  • NHS Logo
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  • CMS UK Logo
  • Murphy Logo
  • Story Logo
  • British Youth Council Logo
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  • BCM Construction Logo
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Rapid prototyping on steroids

While most IT teams make do with crude wireframes, our customers test their ideas in the real-world, putting fully-functioning applications in the hands of front-line workers in a matter of days. Why create a dumb mock-up when you can build the real McCoy in less than half the time?

British Youth Council

Using Nutshell, the British Youth Council built a fully functioning mental health app in a single day…

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Resuscitation Council UK

Using Nutshell, Resuscitation Council UK built their ReSPECT app, including OpenEHR integration…

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“The Nutshell platform provides our Code4Health communities with a rapid app development and delivery environment, dramatically reducing the time and effort to prototype and deliver apps.”

Peter Coates

Head of Ecosystem Development - NHS Digital

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