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Permit to Work

Designed for the construction and offshore industry, our Permit to Work App is the ultimate solution for efficient permit management, ensuring the safety of your workforce while saving you valuable time and resources.

No more paperwork, just future-proof permit management.

Streamlined Digitalization

Effortlessly transition from traditional paper forms to digital, ensuring quicker access to vital information.

Offline Mode

Stay productive even in signal-deprived areas, with data cached and delivered seamlessly when connection is restored

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor high-risk activities in real time, enhancing safety and responsiveness on-site.


Signature Capture

Signatures are an essential part of any watertight legal audit trail and with our Permit to Work app, giving and receiving signatures is faster and easier than ever before. Our automated workflows rapidly get your Permit to work form in front of the right people to sign directly from a mobile device.

Offline Mode

With Nutshell’s Permit to Work app, you can work offline, minimising disruption and increasing productivity. Activity is cached and delivered when connection is restored. This ensures data consistency and integrity, and also eliminates the need for you to manually update or re-enter data, further enhancing your work efficiency.

Photo Capture

Photographic evidence is extremely valuable for Permit to Work forms. Our app allows you to capture photos from your phone and upload them directly into the report. What’s more, you can annotate the image from within your app to give extra detail. Quick, easy and agile, this feature can bolster your assessment and improve the credibility of your audit trail.

Real-Time Tracking

Copying a hand written Permit to Work form into a useable digital format is time consuming and open to human error. Our app automatically generates clear PDF reports from the information provided and distributes them to precisely the right people in your organisation.

Mandatory Form Fields

Missing information can sometimes make the difference between compliance and noncompliance. With Nutshell’s Permit to Work app, you can dictate which form fields are mandatory and ensure no important details are omitted.

Save Time & Money

On-site and office workers save hundreds of hours each year by digitizing Permit to Work forms and reduce administrative costs and save the equivalent of a full admin salary annually.

Seamless Integration

No large, slow and unwieldy software. Effortlessly integrate with your existing back-office software, bringing all your operations under one digital roof.

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About Nutshell Apps

Permit to Work is built on Nutshell Apps, the world’s first No-Code mobile app development platform.

No-Code, no compromises

Fast customisation with no hidden costs

Easily scalable

With nutshell, digitisation is scalable!

With hundreds of ready-to-go apps built by Nutshell, digitising additional processes is easy, fast and cost-effective

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Nutshell customers come in all shapes and sizes. From enormous market-leaders to public sector organisations to SMEs, Nutshell’s malleable approach makes light work of even the most complicated digitisation projects.

Nutshell brings your ideas to life! 

Implement your vision swiftly and effectively with our flexible, no-code app platform.

Watch the Top 5 Features of the Permit to Work

In this video we delve deep into the ultimate tool for ensuring safety: Nutshell’s Permit to Work app.

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Nutshell Apps allows non-technical members of our team to quickly build their own mobile and desktop applications that work exactly the way they want them to.

Nutshell is solid, reliable and gets to the point — once things are built and you’re up and running, it’s a steady solution that your staff will love using — it saves them serious time and effort.

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