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Safety Reporting Apps

Ensure prompt, accurate, and compliant accident and incident reports with Nutshell’s site safety reporting apps. They’re all ready-built and 100% customisable to your workflow.

Safety Reporting apps

Nutshell comes with a growing library of industry-standard forms and workflows used by Health & Safety professionals across several industries and sectors. All of these templates are ready-made and 100% customisable to your business. What’s more, if you can’t find the form you need in our library, our team of expert app builders are on hand to build it for you.

All of our apps can be deployed to:

Close Call Report

Industry standard close call reporting

Fatigue Manager

Industry-standard Fatigue Management

Accident Report

Industry standard accident reporting

Incident Report

Industry standard incident reporting

Covid 19 Report

Industry standard infection control

Infection Control

Industry standard infection control

PPE Inventory Checklist

Industry standard PPE Inventory app


Non-Conformance Reporting

Corrective Action Request

Industry standard CAR app

Vehicle Inspection

Industry standard vehicle inspection app

HAVS Management

Industry standard HAVS app

Dust & Noise Exposure

Industry standard dust and noise app

How does it work?

Nutshell is the fastest and easiest way to put digital versions of your most critical Health & Safety procedures in the hands of your distributed workforce, without having to change the way they work.

From mobile-optimised equivalents of their most trusted forms, to fully-automated workflows that ensure procedures are followed to the letter, Nutshell makes water-tight compliance a walk in the park.

Pay one all-inclusive price for as many forms, workflows and apps as you need, 100% customisable to fit the way your business already works.

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Don’t take our word for it

Nutshell’s suite of Health & Safety forms and workflows are 100% customisable and are trusted by some of the biggest names in the UK. Just read some of our case studies…

Siemens Rail Case Study

Case Study: Siemens

Nutshell delivered more than 200% ROI for Siemens, rapidly building and deploying safety critical apps to trackside engineers…

Nutshell Apps BCM Construction Case Study

Case Study: BCM Construction

Nutshell helped BCM digitise the everyday processes most responsible for lost time and bad data, without breaking the bank…

Systra Rail Case Study

Case Study: Systra

Nutshell helped Systra engineers reduce end-to-end data processing time by 75% with rapid no-code mobile app development

Nutshell is a trusted software partner to some of the world’s safest brands

Go fully digital in days, not months

All of the form templates in our library are fully-built and ready to be deployed to your workforce within a couple of days – all you need is a Nutshell subscription.

Want them customised to fit the way your business works? Nutshell’s no-code drag-and-drop app editor makes it easy to tailor the apps to your business – and we’re not just talking about your logo and colours.

Everything in these apps – from the layout and navigation, form fields and validation rules, to the workflow itself and the underlying audit trail can be changed to fit the way your business already works.

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Mobile Lockdown Toolkit

Save thousands on unnecessary admin

Anyone responsible for collating and validating information submitted on paper will tell you just how much of their working week is wasted on pointless administration.

According to McKinsey, employees spend 1.8 hours every day (that’s 9.3 hours per week) searching for and gathering information required to do their jobs.

Following our own research, one of our customers with a fleet of 150 mobile engineers reported they wasted 80 hours per month chasing up missing paperwork, at a cost of approx. £9,200 per year in lost time alone.

How much is it really costing your business?

Click here to download our free ebook: The Hidden Cost of Analogue” in which we show you how to calculate exactly how much money you’re wasting by not having a properly designed digital planning and reporting solution.

“Users are now forced to fill in every form and they’re legible too, which minimises human error. We export the data weekly, which alone saves around one full admin salary a year.”

Sharon Parker

Lead Site Support Controller - Siemens

Need something bespoke?

Our build team will create it for you in just a few days. Just tell us what you need.