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Health & Safety compliance toolkit

Health and Safety managers need an efficient way of both collecting and storing compliance data — that’s why we’ve bundled together our most popular compliance apps enjoyed by customers. All your essential health and safety processes, in a nutshell.

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What’s included?

Nutshell’s health and safety compliance toolkit includes the following apps. These were built using industry-standard forms and processes to ensure consistent, compliant data every time.


Non-Conformance Reporting

Vehicle Inspection

Industry standard vehicle inspection app

Site Inspection

Industry standard site inspection app

General Risk Assessment

Industry standard risk app

Incident Report

Industry standard incident reporting

Accident Report

Industry standard accident reporting

At-a-glance features


Signature Capture

An essential part of any watertight legal audit trail

GPS Location

Capture the exact location of the incident using GPS

Photo Capture

Capture evidence with direct control of the device’s camera


PDF Report

Auto-generate a PDF report for distribution or safe-keeping

Most of our customers also ask for:


Mandatory form fields

Make sure every report is fully complete and compliant

Report hand-off and tracking

Make sure every report is processed and actioned on time

Nutshell’s health and safety compliance toolkit makes it easier to collect and store H&S data for compliance purposes, whether that’s daily data from inspections or historic risk assessment data ahead of an audit.

While customers often reach out to us looking for one particular solution, they nearly always end up choosing additional apps from our library.

Once you’ve discovered the speed and ease in which these apps can be up and running, as well as how they streamline reporting and improve data quality, it makes sense to manage all of your processes on Nutshell.

That’s why we’re now offering these apps as a bundle — you can take health and safety management fully digital from day one, with seamlessly integrated apps where essential data can be pushed and pulled from one report to another, then exported wherever you wish.

Nutshell makes it incredibly quick and easy to customise mobile apps to your organisation. Not just the colours and logos either — you can change everything, from the information you capture to the entire tracking and sign-off workflow.

If you’d like these apps integrated with the rest of your back-office software, that’s easy too. Nutshell comes with a range of plug ‘n’ play connectors to back-office products such as MS Office 365.

Send your details to our Customer Success team today and someone will be in touch soon to show you these apps in action, give your free access to a trial version and provide information on Nutshell’s subscriptions.

“Users are now forced to fill in every form and they’re legible too, which minimises human error. We export the data weekly, which alone saves around one full admin salary a year.”

Sharon Parker

Lead Site Support Controller - Siemens

How it works

With Nutshell, taking your business digital couldn’t be easier…

1. Buy a subscription

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2. Sit back and relax

We’ll customise your apps to fit your workflow, add your colours and logo… or we can just leave them be.

3. Publish to your workforce

As soon as your staff login to Nutshell, they’ll have access to your customised mobile apps straight away.

4. Kick back and relax (again)

Think of all the fun ways you can spend the time and money you’ve saved not having to chase missing data!

Why Nutshell?

Nutshell® integrates effortlessly with your existing technology stack, allowing you to plug the gaps in your digital ecosystem safely and securely, without having to replace the tools your workforce are already happy with.

Nutshell® can connect to any third-party product with an open API, and is a particularly good fit with the MS Office 365 environment. With plug n’ play connectors to a range Microsoft products, Power BI connectivity as standard and support for Entra ID (formerly Active Directory) Nutshell® helps you get more out of your existing setup.

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