Support Opportunities Signpost (SOS) app


Our Support Opportunities Signpost (SOS) app, designed for police officers, can inform the public of relevant local support services.

With just a few taps, officers can access accurate information and email the involved party directly through the app.

Available now for:

At-a-glance features

Offline Mode

Ensures activity isn’t disrupted by poor network coverage. 

GPS Location

Capture your exact location using GPS.

Photo Capture

Capture evidence with direct control of the device’s camera


PDF Report

Auto-generate a PDF report for distribution or safe-keeping

The SOS app pairs with an accompanying desktop app, where a database of up-to-date local support service information is stored.

Fast, robust, and reliable, SOS is a fantastic tool to support your force.

With the app, you are able to easily deliver information about local service and get valuable insight on the most requested services in your area. 

Our SOS app is cost effective and used by Northumbria Police force. It comes fully-built and ready to be deployed to your region within hours.

Nutshell makes it incredibly quick and easy to customise this mobile app to your organisation. This is not limited to just your colours and logos – you can change everything about it, from the information you capture to the entire tracking and sign-off workflow.

If you’d like this app integrated with the rest of your back-office software, that’s easy too. Nutshell comes with a range of plug n’ play connectors to back-office products such as Microsoft Sharepoint or Excel.

Contact us today to see the app in action, get free access to a trial version and recieve information on Nutshell pricing.

"Thanks to Nutshell we can expand our reach further across the region, without breaking the bank.”

Sgt. John Bensley

Northumbria Police

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