Digitising the Railway

Harnessing the power of digital solutions is vital to the future of rail. Streamlining disparate data and enabling rail’s workforces to collaborate and communicate on essential infrastructure maintenance upgrades is essential to unlocking the rail industry’s true potential in the 21st century.

The Problem

To support the future of digital rail, the industry must acknowledge the enormity of the changes required. With a railway carrying twice as many passengers as it did two decades ago, there’s a sound understanding that demand is set to rise dramatically in the years ahead. With safety, reliability and capacity on the line it can be challenging to know what requires digital integration first.

The Solution

Nutshell provides a safe environment in which to prototype, test and scale your mobility strategy. We’ve enabled rail industry suppliers to rapidly convert manual or paper processes to fully integrated mobile solutions. Partnering with Nutshell dramatically reduces the burden of what may at first appear a daunting task by enabling quick, flexible and cost effective roll out of cross-platform mobile apps to your workforce through seamless deployment and management, whilst ensuring that your data is transferred to the appropriate systems once captured.

Workforce Safety

The rail industry has made active changes in how it aims to mitigate and anticipate risk in the workplace. This year’s major changes to workforce safety places an increased focus on minimising accidents and injuries on the railway, coupled with having the appropriate accountability methods in place, to support the changes in industry safety standards.

The Problem

As the rail industry adapts and evolves, it is vital that the critical principles of safety are employed by the sector. Digitising processes that support workforce safety are an increased priority.

The Solution

With Nutshell, building and deploying Close Call, Hazard Spotting or other critical safety processes in the form of a mobile app is easier than ever. Making information instantly available and alerting workers to safety tasks or hazards in real time dramatically reduces the risk of accidents and injuries on the railway.

Your complete product overview

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