Who is Nutshell for? - Nutshell Apps

Who is Nutshell Apps for?

Nutshell transforms any organisation, big or small, that needs to build and deploy business apps to a distributed workforce. It radically reduces the time, cost and risk involved in building and maintaining business-critical apps at scale.

Designed for everyone, from SME to Enterprise

Nutshell is trusted by some of the biggest employers in the UK, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for the big guys. Our accessible pricing and easy to use drag n’ drop app builder mean that small-to-medium businesses can now build their own custom apps from scratch too.

Nutshell’s secure and scalable architecture, plug n’ play integrations and enterprise-level governance tools make it an easy-win for any business regardless of size, giving individuals at the coal-face the tools they need to solve big problems very quickly.

Nutshell Clients: Murphy, Tarmac, Network Rail, Siemens, Citizens Advice, Systra, NHS, Apperta Foundation and Northumbria Police

Health & Safety

Nutshell is a firm favourite with health and safety teams across the UK rail and construction sectors, allowing them to build and roll-out smart, integrated mobile inspection workflows in record time.


Front-line managers love Nutshell for its lightning fast form-editing and data-processing tools, allowing them to test, prove and fine-tune complex digital business processes without depending on the IT dept.

Human Resources

HR teams all over the country are celebrating the end of double data-entry and illegible handwritten paper forms, with sophisticated, automated digital workflows that do all the heavy lifting for them. 

Business Leaders

Nutshell dramatically reduces the cost, risk and timescales involved in company-wide digital transformation initiatives, regardless of the size of your organisation. The bigger the challenges you face, the better the return.


It’s time to retire the spreadsheet. At last, there’s a way to digitise your own paper processes, building sophisticated, connected mobile workflows that can be rolled-out to the workforce in days rather than months.

Field Workers

Your employees want to go mobile. More than 67% of them use their own smartphones at work, while another 31% want to. Mobile makes employees more productive, saving an average of 58 mins per employee, per day.

We are web designers and are aware of the process of app development, but with no coding knowledge; we find using Nutshell intuitive, with no previous coding experience needed.

Jake Miller

Director & Founder, G2F Media (creative agency)

Business Analysts

No more waiting for over-stretched engineering teams to put new ideas into action. With Nutshell, you can now prototype and trial entire digital eco-systems in less time than it takes to write an RFP.

IT Consultants

With a build-time of days rather than months, Nutshell allows you to take home a bigger slice of the digital transformation budget. Ditch the tedious procurement process and deliver the finished solution yourself.

Creative Agencies

Nutshell’s unique lego-brick approach to app development means that you can easily up-skill your existing account managers and graphic designers to build slick, professional mobile apps for your clients.

Need something Bespoke?

Our team of expert app builders can create incredible software, fast.