What's included with Nutshell Apps?

Your Nutshell subscription includes everything you need to build and run business apps. There are no hidden extras or dependencies, only a handful of simple options to tailor the platform to your needs. Here’s what you get with your Nutshell subscription…

Drag-and-drop app builder

Nutshell’s unique drag-and-drop app builder runs in a web browser and lets ordinary business-folk build sophisticated apps for mobile and desktop devices, without writing a single line of code. It’s the lego-brick approach to building apps.

It’s so easy use, anyone techie enough to make even a basic spreadsheet will be right at home with Nutshell in just a couple of hours following our excellent video tutorials.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you, this is not a toy. Nutshell is capable of building incredibly sophisticated digital eco-systems and automated workflows, using pre-built components. 

Here are just a few of the key features…

True no-code app development

The easiest way to build fully-functional apps for any device, without learning to code

Unlimited apps

With all of Nutshell’s subscriptions, you can build and deploy as many apps as you like

Unlimited builders

You can have as many employees as you like building apps for your business

Lightning fast form builder

Huge library of form controls, including automatic data validations



Create beautiful branded PDF documents, populated with live data


Total control over styling

Make your apps look exactly how you want them to look, without restrictive templates

Growing component library

Tons of pre-built components for capturing, processing and displaying your data

Tailored workflows

Build custom navigation and business logic with simple BPMN-style flow diagrams

Custom components

Adding new functionality to the builder is a snip using Nutshell’s custom components

GPS location

Capture, track and display location data using device GPS, maps and directions


Electronic signatures

Capture water-tight audit trails with e-signatures written on-screen with a finger-tip

Camera control

Launch the device’s camera, take photos or access the end-user’s photo library

Built-in testing and debugging

Publish to limited test communities and capture error logs for debugging

Instant publishing

No more waiting for app-store approvals, get new apps out to your users within seconds


Version control

Roll-back problematic apps to earlier stable versions with a click of a button

All the complicated ‘back-end’ stuff

Behind every smart data-driven app is a bunch of back-end services that make it tick; things like databases, API connectors, email servers, authentication services, security and encryption tools, file storage, notification services, automatic back-ups… the list goes on.

Nutshell takes away the pain of finding, configuring and paying for all these hidden extras separately. Nutshell provides all of these services with your base subscription, which means there are no hidden costs and no nasty surprises.

Here are some of the things Nutshell gives you right out of the box:

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Simple databases

With the easiest data-mapping tools you’ll find in any no-code app development platform

Easy integrations

Nutshell’s API connectors make integrating with your other office software a piece of cake

Data protection

Nutshell’s configurable security policies will support your compliance with GDPR

Offline capability

Making your apps work with or without internet connection is as simple a flipping a switch

Automated off-site back-ups

Automated daily back-ups mean your mission-critical data is in safe hands

File storage

Scalable storage for the photos your end-users capture with their smartphone’s camera

Nutshell’s free container app

The apps you build in Nutshell run inside our free container app – a simple app your employees will download from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

As soon as they login to the container app with their Nutshell credentials, they’ll have instant access to the apps you’ve published to them.

Every Nutshell subscription includes free access to the Nutshell container app. However you can upgrade to your own-branded version of this app if you prefer, in your own corporate colours and with your own logo and custom name.

We’ll even keep your container up-to-date with future operating system releases for you.

Publish to mobile devices

Nutshell builds both smartphone and tablet apps for Android & iOS operating systems

Publish to desktop devices

Nutshell builds apps for desktop and laptop devices too, including Windows 10 & MacOS

Control who sees what

Tightly control the data your end-users can access, based on their login credentials

All the support and training you need

Building, testing and deploying apps can be a tricky business, so we’re here to make it as smooth and easy as possible. We’ve already given you the easiest no-code app builder on the market, yet we haven’t stopped there.

From setting up and learning the ropes, to rolling-out spangly new apps across your entire workforce, we’ve got your back. Our experienced Customer Success team are here to make your life easier.

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Robust SLA

We’ll keep your apps running perfectly day and night

Quick-start tutorials

You’ll be building sophisticated business apps within minutes

Apps library

Hundreds of pre-built apps available for specific industries

Service desk support

Rapid access to our tech support team from anywhere


Every nook and cranny of Nutshell in exhaustive detail

Always up-to-date

No need to worry about keeping up with iOS/Android

Optional upgrades for customers with bigger ambitions:


Dedicated account manager

Dedicated telephone support from our Customer Success team

Tailored classroom training

Based on your real-world app building challenges

App building service

Our Nutshell ninjas will get you off to a flying start

Our full product spec in a Nutshell.

Download our full product overview to learn what makes Nutshell the quickest, easiest, and most cost-efficient way to build your own business apps.

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