Risk assessment apps

These apps make risk assessments easy with pre-built industry-standard checklists and approval flows on mobile.

What is a risk assessment app?

Risk assessments are a crucial part of any works delivery, where a nominated person will perform a scheduled or discretionary inspection of a site, tool, or process, in an effort to identify risk and prevent harm.

A risk assessment app allows employers to take control of the quality and frequency of risk assessments by empowering staff with handheld, pre-formatted digital forms and checklists, which can be sent off and processed instantly.

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Why is it important to have risk assessment apps?

It’s the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment for employees. This means regularly assessing risk and inspecting any practises or processes that could lead to unsafe behaviours. This is governed by legislation, with different industries having their own independent regulatory bodies to enforce adherence to safety measures.

The problem many businesses have is that their risk assessment process is either done on paper, or is a single disposable checklist that doesn’t allow data to be properly analysed over time, which is part of the reason we do risk assessments. Often these forms are filled out, filed away and forgotten about, so it’s far more difficult to learn about your workforce from the results of these evaluations. 

A risk assessment app on mobile or handheld ensures data is sent off in a standardised format that can be processed for easy analysis in the future. Safety inspectors, whether part of your workforce or a third-party consultant, always have access to the appropriate assessment documents on their mobile device, so completing and sending off these forms is far easier than if done physically.


Why should I replace my existing risk assessment template?

For something as crucial as safety, paper and spreadsheet processes really aren’t the answer. Not only do paper forms have to be physically delivered and completed, but the way these are filled out can be inconsistent, which means data is either lost or of bad quality. Without accurate data and reliable processing, it’s far more difficult to realise the results of your regular risk assessments. This will inevitably lead to increased risk.

Migrating to a mobile risk assessment app allows you to introduce mandatory fields with strict data formats, which means workers will never be tempted to leave sections blank, or accidentally give the wrong data. There are even approval steps to ensure specific actions have been taken before logging the data.

The risk assessment can then be instantly sent off for processing, meaning risks are identified quicker and with a full audit trail indicating which data was recorded, where, and by who.

Benefits of a risk assessment app


  • Quicker risk assessments

    Risk assessments can be logged in minutes on a handheld device.

  • Instant processing

    Data is immediately sent off for processing and interpretation.

  • Better data analysis

    Data isn’t hidden away in a file somewhere, it’s available digitally for better analysis over time.

  • Go paperless

    Never worry about having physical, up-to-date forms on site; they’re available on your mobile.

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