Rail safety apps

When lives are on the line, harness the power of mobile technology for safety-critical reporting on rail projects

What is a rail safety app?

To protect rail workers when out on or near the line, there are numerous safety processes, checklists, and reports that must be adhered to and completed. Safety is a consideration at every stage of a project, particularly on operational rail where a simple lapse in communication could cost lives.

Mobile rail safety apps ensure all site workers are equipped with safety-critical reporting tools so any perceived hazards, close calls, near misses, or accidents can be recorded and communicated immediately.

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Why is it important to have rail safety apps on mobile?

Safety is at the core of every rail project, and this is legislated and enforced by rail infrastructure managers and regulatory bodies on any planned works that has the potential to impact operational rail. But the reality is that paper forms aren’t fit for purpose with safety-critical processes, as it takes too long to communicate and process this information to improve safety in the short-term.

Planning 4 Delivery is Network Rail’s safety improvement initiative, which encourages companies in the rail supply chain to digitise inefficient paper processes. Network Rail Standard 019 outlines the required content of a digital safe work pack, which can be complemented by safety-critical reporting like close call and near miss.

By using mobile rail safety apps, you’re equipping your workforce with Network Rail-standard tools that allow you to plan and deliver work more efficiently, while improving overall safety.


Why should I replace my existing rail safety processes?

Large folders full of paper forms and safety documents are impractical when out on site, and as long as these forms take to fill out, they take even longer to process. For safety-critical reporting, this means your ability to take action and prevent an accident is entirely dependent on your ability to log, process, and interpret data captured on a paper form. 

When lives are on the line, we must lean on technology to provide solutions that streamline recording, processing, and communication between site workers and back-office planners. Rail safety apps for mobile and tablet allow us to quickly realise and interpret hazards that would otherwise have taken days or weeks, so we can action them immediately and prevent any harm.

By digitising your safety processes, you can collect data in a standardised format, which can be exported via email or PDF, or even integrated with another system for processing and analysis. There’s no ambiguity around which report needs to be made or how the data is logged, and there’s a clear audit trail to identify when the information was recorded and what happened from there.

Benefits of a mobile rail safety app


  • Quicker hazard reporting

    Safety-critical reports can be logged in minutes on a handheld device.

  • Instant processing

    Data is immediately sent off for processing and interpretation.

  • Better data analysis

    Data isn’t hidden away in a file somewhere, it’s available digitally for better analysis over time.

  • Go paperless

    Never worry about having physical, up-to-date forms on site; they’re available on your mobile.

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