Rail and construction planning apps

Eliminate paper documentation with rail and construction planning apps on mobile and desktop. Log data in pre-built, customisable form templates, exporting instantly via PDF or email.

What is a mobile planning app?

The success of any project depends on how thorough the planning stage is; without good planning, delivery is doomed. In industries like rail and construction, detailed plans need to be made before any scheduled works, which involves surveying the site, tools and machinery, and any potential hazards to establish safe and efficient systems of work.

Mobile planning apps help to streamline this process with pre-built planning templates and forms for specific processes, which can be filled in and sent to the appropriate parties far more easily and quickly than if this process was done on paper.

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Why is it important to have a mobile planning app?

To deliver a project well, each stage of the process needs to be well planned. In many industries there’s legislation and regulatory bodies that detail and enforce safe systems of work, emphasising the importance of good planning processes as part of any project. 

But in many industries planning is still done on paper, or rather, large folders full of paper forms. This makes the planning process more difficult for both the site worker and the office-based data processor by increasing the time it takes to design and deliver the planning documents, fill them out, send them back for processing, manually process the data and then eventually analyse the data.

With a planning app on mobile, planning documents can be created, updated, and instantly published to on-site workers. The information recorded will be standardised and available to export via an email or PDF, or even integrated with your other planning tools. It condenses lever-arch files into a handheld device, and allows you to instantly process the data.


Why should I replace my existing planning processes, forms and checklists?

The most common problems in the planning stage of a project usually stem from a lapse in communication between the data collector, data processor, and lead planner. This often boils down to the data being collected in a format that isn’t clear or standardised, in some cases creating extra work for everybody. In these situations, everybody gets frustrated with the product but the process is seldom ever considered.

Mobile planning apps streamline communication between the site workers and the planning team. Plans can be viewed, amended, and communicated between parties in a matter of minutes as opposed to days or weeks. And there’s a clear audit trail of what’s happening over time, so you can learn from snags and improve your processes going forward.

You can even reuse previous planning templates to save time on future projects, freeing up your work resource to focus less on admin and more on efficient, thorough, and meticulously communicated project planning.

Benefits of a mobile planning app


  • Drive safe behaviour

    Ensure safe works delivery throughout your project with thorough planning.

  • Stay on target

    A single source of truth that’s constantly updated and instantly published ensures no time is lost due to project snags or miscommunication.

  • Confirm understanding

    Introduce standardised and required data fields to ensure accurate data is collected in a way that’s easy for you to process.

  • Go paperless

    You no longer have to worry about a thick paper folder. All the essential information is available on a mobile or tablet, which most workers will already have with them.

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Log and process essential planning data in an instant, improving the communication between frontline worker and back office

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A weekly timesheet records working time each day, for weekly reporting

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Ensure everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet with comprehensive, interactive project briefings on their mobile phone

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