Permit apps

Create, sign and approve permits directly from your device to ensure your rail or construction project implementation is as streamlined as possible.

What is a permit app?

There’s a wide range of rail permits and construction permits in place across these high-risk industries to ensure the work is carried out in the safest manner possible, thus protecting those involved or affected by it. Strict controls and safety procedures must be agreed before any works take place, and must be approved and signed off by the appropriate manager. It is a documented procedure that authorises certain people to carry out specific work within a specified time frame.

A permit app collates this vital documentation within an easily accessible app on your phone or tablet. The app empowers those in charge to create, sign and approve permits directly from their device, allowing for work to begin as quickly as possible.

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Why is it important to have a permit app?

Permits are vital in mitigating danger in such high-risk industries as rail and construction, with potential hazards all around. It’s essential that the particular use and types of permit are clear and this information is communicated effectively to everyone involved. Having a permit stored in a digital space which can be accessed by anyone anywhere enables everyone to keep updated and take any necessary action in order to maintain a safe working environment. 

A permit app makes it easy to customise your forms, including information about potential hazards, electrical work spots, or health and safety regulations. Once data entry into the permit app has been completed, it can instantly be relayed to the manager in charge, who can then digitally add comments and sign off in real-time. This permit information can then be emailed to the appropriate parties, maintaining a strong line of communication. 


Why should I replace my existing permit process?

The existing paper-based process throws up a myriad of potential problems. Loss, damage, human error, and illegible writing are issues you can’t afford to have when dealing with documentation as important as permits. Replacing paper-based forms with an app saves time, improves safety and enables transparency. 

The digital system documents what work is happening, when and where, with a workflow to track permits from issue through close. Importantly, it helps workers understand the precautions required to carry out a task safely, and lets managers approve that safety protocols are being followed.

An app removes the need to print, sign and scan permits, with a built-in electronic signature capture. Electronic signatures allow for quicker sign-off, which subsequently creates a more productive workforce. Not to mention signing your name provides accountability and feels more meaningful than checking a box to confirm that work is safe.

Benefits of a permit app


  • Clear accountability

    The app logs approvals and signatures for a clear audit trail.

  • Real-time approvals

    Electronic signatures enable quick and simple sign off.

  • Improved safety

    Complete transparency of a project and any associated hazards for the whole workforce.

  • Go paperless

    Remove the need to print, sign and scan permits.

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