Daily and weekly employee timesheet apps

Get a full digital overview of employee working time recording by replacing spreadsheets and paper-based templates with our mobile timesheet apps.

What is a mobile timesheet app?

Timesheets provide businesses with a way of tracking which staff are working, where, when, and for how long. The onus is usually on the employee to submit their own timesheet, with data being compiled in the office and used to inform everything from salary and benefits, to fatigue management and sustainability.

Mobile timesheet apps seek to replace your paper- and spreadsheet-based timesheet templates with a standardised cloud solution that staff can access on their mobile phones.

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Why is it important to have mobile timesheet apps?

While recording daily timesheets is good practice in any business, many industries have regulations compelling staff to record their working hours and activities. Industries like rail and construction, heavily regulated by standards boards such as the RSSB, face hefty fines if timesheet data isn’t recorded or is poorly administrated.

But in sectors that have a remote or disparate workforce, spread out across multiple locations, submitting and collating daily and weekly timesheets can be logistically challenging. A site worker would need to take time out to physically fill in a pen-and-paper form before following the submission process, assuming they know it. By the time it gets to back-office, that data could be lost or spoiled, and the laborious manual data input will increase processing time and potentially introduce errors.

In short, mobile timesheet apps encourage better data quality by making submitting and managing timesheet data easier for both the frontline and the back-office worker. Staff can simply use their mobile or tablet device to swiftly complete a timesheet, and it arrives at back-office in a standardised format that can be exported as a hard copy or integrated with other systems. This reduces time and effort, and improves compliance by automating data handling.


Why should I replace my existing employee timesheet template?

Timesheets are an unavoidable part of business admin, but handling this procedure on paper or in a spreadsheet increases logging and processing time, and the opportunity for error, which ultimately leads to decreased productivity.

Transitioning to an app-based solution can slash the amount of time spent on timesheet data input and processing. It’s estimated around 40 hours per month can be saved by digitising the timesheet process, enabling better productivity by freeing up HR or admin staff to work on other tasks.

There’s also the risk of lost accountability with paper-based forms; workers can fill out the times they want, making it all too easy to turn up late, sign in for a friend, and round up the hours worked. A timesheet app provides a clear and accurate audit trail, by logging the exact clocking-in times in one centralised digital space. This is communicated instantly to any back-office admin staff and managers, ensuring everyone is where they need to be.

Benefits of a mobile timesheet app


  • Health and safety

    Reinforce safe behaviour by confirming where employees are working, when and for how long.

  • Payroll

    The ability to monitor and instantly process timesheets makes payroll more efficient and economic.

  • Employee wellbeing

    Monitoring this data over time will highlight patterns of fatigue or illness, allowing you to redesign shift patterns in light of perceived risks.

  • Performance review

    Tracking time and attendance at work makes it easy to capture unproductive behaviours and reward good performances.

  • Project costing

    Digital timesheets accurately track time and manpower on each job, making it easier to measure whether the time spent has been profitable, as well as help cost future projects.

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Daily timesheet app

A daily timesheet records working time each day, for daily reporting

Nutshell's pre-built components

Weekly timesheet app

A weekly timesheet records working time each day, for weekly reporting

Nutshell's pre-built components

Fatigue management app

A fatigue management app allows you to track and monitor risk of fatigue in your team by monitoring working hours and shift patterns

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