New starter onboarding apps

Make employee onboarding a breeze by replacing paper and manual HR processes with slick, integrated, self-serve new starter apps.

What is an onboarding app?

Onboarding is usually a long process that requires printing off, filling in and duplicating forms. Once the form is completed, that data then has to be processed before any action can be taken.

A New Starter Onboarding app allows you to onboard, manage and securely store data for the onboarding process. It contains all necessary forms in one place – do everything from collecting bank details for payroll, to presenting the employee handbook. It also means that you can edit information as needed before submission, which removes the need to duplicate paper.

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Why is it important to onboard new starters with an app?

Onboarding a new starter is arguably one of the most important processes in a business. The longer it takes, the longer your new employee may feel like they aren’t a full member of the team. It’s also important to ensure all the data is correct and secure, as making mistakes could result in even more forms needing to be filled out, or even problems with payroll etc.

Having a New Starter app streamlines the onboarding process. This is because it eliminates the need to wait for printed forms, and a digital app doesn’t need to be duplicated or physically handed to different people within the organisation. Instead, they can all access the same app at any time, and sign off the process from there.


Why should I replace my existing onboarding process?

Nothing is more important than data security and compliance with data protection. Paper forms carry a risk of breaching privacy rules as they leave an opportunity for sensitive and confidential information to be compromised. However, using a digital app for onboarding means all data is securely sent to a database upon submission, and only authorised people within the business have access to this.

Digitising the new starter onboarding completely eliminates the need to run between printers and copiers, making sure that all documents are correct, as all data is stored in the app’s database. As a result, it makes onboarding a far faster and streamlined process, and removes the need for duplication of forms, as well as paper waste or printer costs.

Benefits of a mobile onboarding app

  • Smooth, efficient onboarding

    Collect new starter information on a mobile app; send and receive data instantly.

  • Stay compliant

    All personal information stored in a single secure digital space, with easy integrations and exports.

  • Better standard of communication

    Welcome new starters with sufficient onboarding materials and a single point of reference.

  • Go paperless

    Don’t let the onboarding process get held up by the post – manage it all inside a mobile solution.

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Log and manage employee annual leave on mobile with Nutshell’s holiday request app

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