Project briefing apps

Mobile briefing apps ensure clear communication on construction and engineering projects by enabling project management in the cloud, accessible on handheld devices.

What is a mobile briefing app?

Those working in construction, rail, or any kind of works delivery environment will know how important it is to have a clear and accessible project brief. It’s essential to have a single source of truth to work from, and often when working out on site this comes in the form of a large lever-arch file where each detail is communicated on paper.

Mobile briefing apps consolidate these bumper packs into a single digital space for everything project-related, where the brief can be updated and sent to everyone else on site at the touch of a button.

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Why is it important to have mobile briefing apps?

Clear communication of the project brief is essential for timely and efficient works delivery, as well as ensuring safety when out on site. Regulations are constantly being introduced to improve how essential information is communicated in physical industries, acknowledging that collaboration between back-office planners, persons in charge, and site workers holds the key to better project briefings.

But with a huge stack of paper documents, disseminating the plan and any changes to it can be a logistical nightmare in a construction environment. Group briefings can fail to ensure individual understanding and responsibility, while one-on-one briefings are time-consuming and place a great onus on the person in charge to do the rounds, which is particularly challenging when people are coming and going throughout the day.

The benefit of using a mobile briefing app is that your project brief can be stored in a single digital space, and can be accessed on a mobile or tablet device at any time. This means that if the brief is updated, team members will be notified when the revised plan is published, and you can even introduce checkboxes and process flows to ensure everyone has read and explicitly confirmed their understanding of the brief.


Why should I replace my existing briefing pack?

Timesheets are an unavoidable part of business admin, but handling this procedure on paper or in a spreadsheet increases logging and processing time, and the opportunity for error, which ultimately leads to decreased productivity.

Transitioning to an app-based solution can slash the amount of time spent on timesheet data input and processing. It’s estimated around 40 hours per month can be saved by digitising the timesheet process, enabling better productivity by freeing up HR or admin staff to work on other tasks.

There’s also the risk of lost accountability with paper-based forms; workers can fill out the times they want, making it all too easy to turn up late, sign in for a friend, and round up the hours worked. A timesheet app provides a clear and accurate audit trail, by logging the exact clocking-in times in one centralised digital space. This is communicated instantly to any back-office admin staff and managers, ensuring everyone is where they need to be.

Benefits of a mobile briefing app


  • Drive safe behaviour

    Ensure safe behaviour by communicating a thorough project brief throughout the site.

  • Stay on target

    A single source of truth that’s constantly updated ensures no time is lost due to project snags or miscommunication.

  • Confirm understanding

    Introduce checkboxes and signature areas for workers to confirm understanding of the project brief, so you can see who’s read it and who hasn’t.

  • Go paperless

    You no longer have to worry about a thick paper folder. All the essential information is available on a mobile or tablet, which most workers will already have with them.

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