Inspection app

Manage the entire construction works inspection process from an app on your device and ensure no data is lost.

What is an inspection app?

To ensure the safety and standards are adhered to during infrastructure works within the rail and construction industries, inspection teams undertake thousands of inspections each year. They gather valuable information that is used to identify areas that require attention and, in response,  introduce measures to control risk on site. They must be carried out before and throughout the entire duration of an on site project, ensuring optimum levels of safety are upheld. 

An inspection app stores all of your inspection forms and regulations in one digital space on your phone or tablet. It enables those within the inspection teams to carry out their work in one place which integrates with other platforms and allows for quick and simple digital sign off in real-time. 

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Why is it important to have an inspection app?

Inspections are a crucial component within the rail and construction industries due to the high-risk nature of the works. They keep the workers on site safe, and ensure the project is completed to a high standard. For example, a Network Rail track inspection confirms the quality and safety of a rail track. Each year, 1.8billion people travel by rail – inspections play a vital part in ensuring these passengers can travel safely.

An inspection app is important as it safeguards all critical information and empowers those involved to act quickly if safety issues arise. In these working environments, time is of the essence. The quicker a hazard can be pinpointed and communicated to the team the better. Any way of reducing this timeframe is beneficial, and so the instantaneous nature of digital is a perfect match for this process. 


Why should I replace my existing inspection process?

The existing tick box process on paper forms is disposable by design; once all the checks are done and the project is complete, that information is left behind and the team moves on to the next. By introducing an inspection app, this data can be stored and analysed in order for planners to learn from past projects and create a safer working environment for those in the future. The data in electronic format also makes it much easier to interface with reporting engines and business intelligence tools, allowing for integration with any existing software.

A digital solution eliminates the risk of loss or damage to this vital documentation, storing it safely in the cloud. Considering the repercussions of compromised inspections, having this peace of mind is invaluable. And if there were any concerns that data could be lost in areas without an internet connection, the app’s offline mode ensures all information is saved and submitted once connection is restored.

The app consists of over 65 relevant inspection forms to complete, eliminating the need to carry around a physical folder and freeing you up to navigate around the site. Conducting an inspection using an app enables completed forms to be submitted to line managers, contractors and any desired users instantly. The ability to communicate in real-time is something that paper forms cannot provide, and when it comes to hazards, time is of the essence.

Benefits of an inspection app


  • Data analysis

    Store all safety data on every project in one digital space to be analysed, informing future projects.

  • Drive safer behaviour

    Communicate any safety issues throughout the team instantly.

  • High-quality reporting

    Attach comments and photos to your inspection forms, for clear understanding.

  • No lost forms

    All information is stored in one accessible digital space and backed up in the cloud.

  • Go paperless

    Never have to worry about a lost or damaged inspection form again.

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