Recruitment apps

Digitise the recruitment process and make recruitment offers from mobile with a Recruitment App.

What is a recruiting app?

Recruitment consists of everything from managing vacancies, to accepting or declining potential candidates through the application and interview stages. It’s a lot of individual processes that need to be concise and well-administered to make sure you get the best talent for your new role.

A recruitment app will allow for making job offers, letting candidates know if they are successful, and confirming their start date and onboarding information all on mobile or tablet, with no need to manage these processes on paper.

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Why is it important to recruit new starters digitally?

Bringing in a new member of staff is challenging both in terms of sourcing and communicating with a potential candidate, and managing the process internally. It involves taking time out of your everyday job to dedicate to finding the right hire.

A streamlined recruitment process is key, as it creates a clear and concise plan for both you and the candidates. It allows you to see exactly where people are in the recruitment process, as well as accept or decline them for a role.


Why should I replace my existing HR processes?

Replacing the process with a digital app helps to declutter and streamline the process, and allows you to store all data in one place. It is easier for both you and applicants, as there is no possibility of applications or other communications being lost, and the applicant can also see whether they are successful through the app in real time.

Benefits of a mobile recruitment app

  • Streamlined recruiting process

    Eliminate the back and forth of emails and letters, and complete every step of the recruitment process in one place.

  • Easy, compliant data storage

    Data is sent to a database instantly, creating an easy-to-access employee record that’s also GDPR-compliant

  • Better standard of communication

    Make job offers from within the app, which can then be accepted by the candidate and automatically communicated back to you

  • Go paperless

    Reduce costs and improve environmental efficiency by getting rid of paper processes for good.

Choose a HR recruitment app from the Nutshell library

Nutshell's pre-built components

Recruitment offer app

Manage the full recruitment process through mobile apps so candidates stay connected throughout the hiring process

Nutshell's pre-built components

Weekly timesheet app

A weekly timesheet records working time each day, for weekly reporting

Nutshell's pre-built components

Employee onboarding app

Ensure seamless onboarding, induction and training  for new employees with self-serve HR apps on mobile

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