Health and safety apps

Ensure safe work processes are followed with mobile health and safety apps. Build handheld electronic checklists with approval steps for a full digital audit trail.

What is a mobile health and safety app?

Health and safety at work is something employers must ensure to provide a suitable working environment for employees. Naturally, the relevant health and safety measures change depending on industry and work environment; an office wouldn’t be subject to the same regulations as a construction site, after all.

Mobile health and safety apps allow you to keep track of which regulations you need to follow, any daily or weekly checks or steps that need to be taken, and a full digital audit trail to oversee where standards are slipping so you can compensate for any shortcomings.

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Why is it important to have mobile health and safety apps?

To protect people when at work, every employer is subject to health and safety legislation, and this is enforced by authorised health and safety bodies (such as HSE) as well as local authorities. Companies risk huge fines if H&S measures aren’t followed, even if it doesn’t result in an accident, because unsafe behaviours will eventually lead to unsafe outcomes.

Most health and safety briefings or process checklist documents are paper-based. This means the safety of your workforce and your H&S compliance are both dependent on these paper forms being regularly and accurately filled in, logged, and processed. But much like any paper process, information can be lost or spoiled, and manual data handling means it takes longer to administrate and analyse that data, so unsafe behaviour patterns will take longer to be identified, if at all.

Mobile health and safety apps ensure staff always have access to the relevant H&S regulations on their mobile or tablet device. Checklists can be completed on mobile and sent off instantly to back-office for processing, whether that’s in a PDF or email format, or integrated with your existing database for easy data analysis.


Why should I replace my existing health and safety process?

Checklists are disposable by nature; once the check has been completed, it’s ticked off and you move to the next thing. But this doesn’t allow you to monitor your results over time to analyse unsafe behaviours and improve working conditions. Even digital checklists can feel disposable, particularly when the results are simply spat out and the onus is on back-office to process the data in the same way they would on paper.

Using a mobile health and safety app will feed results into your integrated systems to record these checks over time. The data is stored and can be referenced easily, for a full digital audit trail of which checks were made, when, and what the results were. You no longer have to worry about paper administration and archiving.

This also makes it a lot easier to update any checklists should there be a change to legislation or to your processes. The change can be made in the app, which is then instantly published to whoever needs the amended checklist, with a briefing to let them know what has been changed and why.

Benefits of a mobile H&S app


  • Go paperless

    Employees have access to all relevant H&S documents on their handheld device, eliminating paper processes.

  • Easily analyse safety data

    Integrate H&S data with your existing database to analyse and identify unsafe behaviours over time.

  • Halt unsafe behaviour with process flows

    While paper checklists would rely on processing before action is taken, instant logging and processing means unsafe behaviour is identified and work halted immediately.

  • Make instant updates

    Refresh processes in line with new legislation and publish instantly to all staff.

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