Fatigue management app

Empower staff with better fatigue risk management by enabling them to log data on their mobile. Built in line with Network Rail’s 003 Fatigue Management Standard.

What is a mobile fatigue management app?

Fatigue management is a process that impacts a lot of physical industries, particularly those where workers are operating vehicles or heavy machinery. Health, wellbeing, and fatigue should be monitored and managed closely to ensure employees aren’t putting themselves or others at risk by working while fatigued.

A fatigue management app makes it easy to record, possess, and interpret health and wellbeing data to identify risk areas or unsafe work patterns; far simpler than if this process was done on paper.

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Why is it important to have a fatigue management app?

Physical industries take fatigue management and reduction very seriously, particularly the rail industry; Network Rail Standard 003 outlines the systems and processes businesses must have in place to monitor fatigue while working on or near the line. 

Fatigue makes it difficult to spot risky situations and can cause us to exhibit unsafe behaviours, which is why it’s so important to monitor. But fatigue reduction can be quite difficult to report on, given it’s personal to the individual and has to be monitored closely over time to get clear results. This is also logistically challenging when your processes are all paper-based but your workers are dotted around different sites.

A fatigue management mobile app ensures workers always have access to critical safety reporting, where information can be logged and sent off instantly to ensure fatigue is reported and unsafe behaviours are avoided.


Why should I replace my existing fatigue management process?

While organisations are well aware of the risk of bad fatigue management, this process is often done on paper. This not only increases the onus on the individual to take time out to physically fill in forms before filing, but it also takes longer to process and make sense of that data to prevent unsafe behaviours. 

A fatigue management app on mobile or tablet slashes the time it takes to distribute, fill out, log, process, and interpret this data. Fatigue reports are available on a handheld device, with pre-formatted options for time worked, tasks performed, and mental and physical health indicators. The data can be sent off instantly and exported in a standardised format via PDF or email, or even integrated with timesheet systems to match up fatigue data with working time.

For something as essential as employee health and wellbeing, moving away from manual, paper, and spreadsheet processes incentivises your employee to regularly log fatigue data, and equips you with the tools to analyse that data to prevent future harm.

Benefits of a fatigue management app


  • Quicker fatigue reporting

    Fatigue management reports can be logged in minutes on a handheld device.

  • Instant processing

    Data is immediately sent off for processing and interpretation.

  • Better data analysis

    Data isn’t hidden away in a file somewhere, it’s available digitally for better analysis over time.

  • Go paperless

    Never worry about having physical, up-to-date forms on site; they’re available on your mobile.

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Fatigue management app

A fatigue management app allows you to track and identify risk of fatigue in your team by monitoring working hours and shift patterns

Nutshell's pre-built components

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Nutshell's pre-built components

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