Employee expenses app

Log and manage employee expenses on the go with a self-serve expenses app on mobile, tablet or desktop.

What is a mobile expenses app?

Employee expenses vary from business to business. They can include everything from pens, computers, fuel and even flights or hotels, but universally these expenses need to be reported back to the employer so employees aren’t out of pocket or in breach of any financial conduct regulations.

An employee expenses app will allow for requests to be made and signed off (or rejected) all on mobile or tablet.

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Why is managing employee expenses with an app important?

It’s important to have a reliable and trustworthy way to manage employee expenses. Logging expenses is also crucial to managing and tracking your company’s spending, and makes sure that every employee has what they need to get the job done.

Being able to log, review, and approve or deny employee expenses on mobile not only makes it easier for workers to stay in control of a process that’s usually done on paper, but it also means admin staff don’t have to chase down expense requests every month – they’re all managed within one singular online portal.


Why should I replace my existing paper process?

Most expense tracking uses either paper or spreadsheets. Both of these methods are far less viable than a digital app that automatically logs and tracks all employee expenses. 

A digital Employee Expenses app also allows the employees themselves to request funds for specific items that they need, and a manager then has the ability to either sign off or decline this request within the app.

Benefits of a mobile expenses app

  • Manage expenses anywhere

    Using a digital app means that expenses can be logged anywhere, even when offline, using Nutshell’s offline mode

  • Employee request function

    Allows employees to input request for expenses for specific things, which can then be accepted or declined, all from in-app

  • Expense tracking

    Nutshell’s database allows for easy expense logging and tracking, and helps out when it comes to auditing

  • No more paper or spreadsheet processes

    No need for HR to chase expense reports in vain; employees can easily log expenses on mobile and be notified if there are gaps in reporting.

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Employee expenses app

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