Digital SWP app

An SWP app empowers the rail industry to create fully integrated, digital safe work packs in minutes.

What is a digital SWP app?

To keep everyone working safely on a rail project, a Safe Work Pack or SWP must be in place before any work commences on the frontline. This consists of key information on the associated risks and how they can be mitigated. The Safe Work Pack will need to be checked, and amendments will need to be made to cover any changes to the project that have occurred since the Safe Work Pack was first produced. It is created in line with Network Rail’s 019 Standard, to ensure all works are carried out with the highest level of safety possible.

It is a crucial component of the works planning process, enabling effective management and implementation of controls for the safety of people involved. They are traditionally presented in the form of a ring binder full of paper-based forms, to be read and filled out by Responsible Managers and PICs on the project’s site.

An SWP app collates all these forms in one accessible digital space, eliminating the need for bulky folders, which are subject to loss or damage. These forms are available to everyone on the team at any time and can be digitally signed and sent back to the relevant office staff instantly. 

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Why is it important to have a digital SWP app?

In an industry as manual and highly regulated as rail, it’s vital to have safe methods of work planned and implemented on site. Rail Standards boards distribute considerable fines if Network Rail standard 019 is not adhered to by rail suppliers in the UK. Safety needs to be constantly assessed – having an SWP created, understood and amended when necessary by those in charge is the best way to do this. 

However, rifling through a heavy folder of forms is a wholly inconvenient method of maintaining safe processes. It’s also time-consuming to create these packs from scratch for each project. In an industry such as rail where time truly is money, it can be tempting to take shortcuts. 

Network Rail’s upcoming safety initiative, Planning4Delivery, places an emphasis on moving manual processes to digital as this encourages safer working behaviours. An SWP app enables remote access to safe work packs from anywhere in real-time, for a productive and collaborative working environment. Knowledge is power, and once your whole team knows exactly what is happening on a project, they have the ability to protect themselves and carry out their work safely. 


Why should I replace my existing SWP process?

Time is a huge factor in maintaining consistently safe processes. If those in charge fail to react quickly, risk to workers on the frontline is increased. The existing SWP paper-and-pen process is time-consuming, with PICs constantly sifting through folders to find the correct document, signing and then ensuring it’s transported back to the relevant office staff as well as communicating any changes throughout an entire workforce spread out over miles of track. This process makes it considerably more difficult to ensure the safety of your workers. 

Having a digital SWP enables supporting photos to be attached to any hazard alerts, creating a clear warning to those involved. It even provides detailed directions from your home or office to the safe rail works access point, helping you keep safe every step of the way.

The creation of the pack is made much simpler also; users are guided through the safe work planning process via a simple workflow, that automatically populates forms, to create fully customisable safe work pack in less than 10 minutes. Users involved in the safe work pack creation process can now collaborate throughout the planning and sign-off process using the integrated chat tab, accessible at any time. You can also set up alerts so nothing is overlooked.

Benefits of a digital SWP app


  • Saves time

    No need to rifle through a stack of paper forms, simply search for your relevant document in the search bar.

  • Accessible anywhere

    The SWP is compatible with all mobile and tablet devices, and the offline mode means no data is lost if you enter an area of site without internet connection.

  • Quick and easy sign-off

    Send and approve requests in real-time, ensuring works are carried out safely and efficiently.

  • Go paperless

    No more carrying a heavy ring binder around the works site – an app solution gives you the power to access and sign off safety-critical information from your phone.

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