COVID-19 mobile checklist

Ensure Covid and social distancing protocols are being followed with mobile checklists and approval flows.

What is a COVID checklist?

The COVID outbreak in 2020 has meant widespread changes in the way we work. We’re seeing cleaning and hygiene checks are being made far more often, with measures also in place to ensure social distancing is maintained and respected.

A COVID-19 app allows for proof that a workplace is safe, by containing all necessary protocols in one place. It contains compliance checklists, rules, and approval forms for managers.

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Why is it important to have an app for COVID regulations?

With COVID having a huge impact on everyone, all over the world, it’s important to ensure that our workplaces are complying with regulations; not only to keep employees and their families safe, but to prevent being handed large fines from those enforcing these rules.

Having covid compliance checks on mobile, where data can quickly be logged, processed, and realised, allows action to be taken far quicker and more efficiently than if you were waiting around for this paper- or spreadsheet-based data to be processed.


Why replace paper COVID inspection processes?

Having a fully digital COVID app means that auditing is hugely streamlined, and that any breaches of regulations can be flagged up immediately. It also allows managers to see that every aspect of work is safe, and to sign off the checklists each day as they are completed.

Benefits of a mobile COVID checklist

  • Ensure regulations are followed

    Completing a digital Covid Checklist every day makes sure that the workplace is safe

  • Keep employees safe

    Knowing that these checks are being carried out will help ease the stress off employees, and they can come to work confident that it is safe

  • Immediate flagging of non conformance

    An app means that any breaches in regulations can be immediately flagged and noted straight away

  • Go paperless

    Reduce risk and improve social distancing compliance by empowering staff with a solution on mobile, removing pens and paper from the equation.

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