Annual leave request app

Log and manage employee annual leave on mobile with a leave request app. Allow workers on site or working remotely to have full control over their holiday requests.

What is a leave request app?

All professionals with a permanent contract are entitled to annual leave as an employment right, and in most circumstances can take it as and when they wish. But managing this process can be logistically challenging, particularly when you have lots of employees dotted around different sites.

The annual leave app allows employees to request time off and track their holidays in a self-serve application on mobile or tablet. This can then be signed off by their manager, who can also track all leave requests and time off within the app.

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Why is a holiday app important?

It is important to know who is off and when. This saves confusion and deadline mix ups, and also stops multiple critical employees taking time off on the deadline for an important project, for example.

A holiday app on mobile gives you a full view of which team members are scheduled to take annual leave and when, making planning and tracking attendance far easier.


Why should I replace my existing leave process?

Tracking annual leave digitally and replacing older, outdated processes helps keep everyone organised. Managers are able to see at a glance who has leave and when, and it improves and streamlines project management and deadlines.

In disconnected workforces, particularly those where some employees are working remotely, it’s important not only to give workers the capacity to manage their own annual leave but to remind them of when they have outstanding leave; holidays are crucial for mental wellbeing and to reduce burnout, so employee buy-in is far greater when they know their employer has their back. 

Benefits of a holiday request app

  • Annual leave tracking

    A digital app gives you the ability to see exactly who is off and when

  • Streamlined process

    Employees can request holidays, which can be accepted, declined and tracked all in one app

  • Instant sign off

    An app allows for instant sign off on annual leave, without waiting for a paper form to be handed in or duplicating data from an email exchange

  • Integration with your HRIS

    Keep track of holiday entitlement with seamless integration between our holiday request app and your HRIS.

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