Product Overview

Build, test and deploy your own apps without writing a single line of code.  With scalable architecture and enterprise level security, we're the full end-to-end solution for your digital ecosystem.

Build It Yourself

Empower your distributed workforce with sophisticated mobile apps, delivered in days rather than months, digitising your old business processes for a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile development.

No Tech Knowledge

With Nutshell’s simple visual builder, anyone can create, test and deploy their own mobile apps, empowering employees to solve their own business problems, without bothering the IT department.

Fuss Free Publishing

With Nutshell’s one-click publishing, there are no tedious app-store reviews to slow you down; just instant access to the mobile apps that drive your business. Deploy, rollback and take down in seconds.

"Allowing a whole supply chain to use their own devices means building several versions of every app. Nutshell lets us tackle this incredibly quickly and cost-efficiently, building an app once and distributing it to the workforce in seconds, regardless of what type of devices they use."


Martyn Cuthbert

OnTrac Ltd

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Adaptable Technology

Nutshell is designed to be the mobile front-end to your existing digital ecosystem - the only risk-free environment in which to prototype, test and scale your mobile strategy without scaling your budget.

Enterprise-level Security

Trusted by some of the largest organisations in the UK, Nutshell handles mission-critical data at every possible level, which means security is of paramount importance. Scalable to comply with every level of security.

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Versatile and Robust Mobile Apps, 

Built By You.

Whatever your specification, Nutshell's complete app development platform allows you to build enterprise level, mission-critical apps for your entire business ecosystem. 


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