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Nutshell Apps is teaming up with Breathe HR to keep staff safer and better connected with bespoke mobile and desktop applications that plug straight into the Breathe HRIS.

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Nutshell is empowering Breathe HR customers with mobile solutions to give staff full control over their employee experience.

Workers can quickly and confidently log everyday HR requests on their mobile phones, without having to take time out of their day. These automated workflows will then update Breathe HR, without the need for any manual admin work.

This saves time, boosts efficiency, and is a more compliant way of handling personal information; data goes straight from the source to your Breathe database, with no manual handling required.

Nutshell has a library of HR industry-standard apps that plug straight into Breathe, or you can build your own bespoke processes from scratch using our simple drag-and-drop app builder.

OnTrac Ltd's HR Probation Review App - built with Nutshell

Nutshell is a trusted software partner to some of the world’s safest brands

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Give your HR team room to breathe

With Nutshell, HR teams can manage all the processes that sit outside of Breathe HR, while still being able to compliantly store and analyse employee data within the Breathe database.

This is perfect for bespoke processes such as wellbeing questionnaires, location- or role-based surveys, or even compelling events like COVID and vaccination tracking; quite specific employee engagement processes that need to be set up post-haste.

Nutshell has a library of HR industry-standard apps you can use for free, but it’s also really easy to build your own apps exactly the way you want to. This gives you quick and secure ways to engage employees, available to them in the palm of their hand.

All data from these apps can be integrated with Breathe, or exported via PDF or email; far less leg work for your HR team so they can focus on progress over process.

Popular apps with Breathe HR customers

Here are some of the more popular HR apps enjoyed by Breathe customers — available for completely free with a Nutshell subscription.

Employee Onboarding

Industry-standard employee onboarding app

Leave Request

Industry-standard employee leave request

Employee Handbook

Industry-standard HR employee handbook app

Daily Timesheets

Industry-standard daily timesheet

Site Induction

Industry-standard worksite induction app

Recruitment Offer

Industry-standard recruitment offer app

Our Breathe HR toolkits

We’ve bundled together some of the most popular Nutshell apps among Breathe HR customers — available for completely free with a Nutshell subscription.

Employee Wellbeing Toolkit

Nutshell is offering a bundle of apps to help monitor and manage wellbeing as well as traditional HR processes made more difficult when working outside of the office:

    • Onboarding/induction
    • Change of circumstances
    • Mental wellbeing tracker
    • Physical wellbeing tracker
    • Timesheet and fatigue management app

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Return To Work Toolkit (COVID)

Nutshell is offering a bundle of apps to help manage communication, attendance tracking, as well as physical and mental wellbeing when returning to work throughout and beyond COVID:

    • Return to work questionnaire
    • Physical wellbeing tracker
    • Mental wellbeing tracker
    • Attendance tracker/timesheet
    • Workspace assessment

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GPS Location

Capture the exact location of the employee using GPS


Signature Capture

An essential part of any watertight legal audit trail

Data auto-population

Save on data entry time with pre-populated information


PDF Report

Auto-generate a PDF report for distribution or safe-keeping

Why Nutshell?

HR teams love using Nutshell for the way it streamlines communication and data processing:

  • Easily build brand new forms and processes that can be delivered to employees instantly.
  • Capture sensitive data quickly and securely in a way that’s comfortable for staff.
  • Process and export data via PDF or email, or update your Breathe HR database automatically.
  • Build workflows to take quick action for improving employee wellbeing.
  • Automatically generate and then distribute updated contracts and statements of fact.

Not only does this improve employee engagement, but will save your HR team hours of manual admin work a week.

Don’t take our word for it…

Nutshell is trusted by some of the largest employers across the UK, where people and process management, and safe systems of work, take precedence over anything else.

OnTrac, Nutshell Apps

OnTrac’s HR team saved hours of manual data entry by delivering a suite of 10 slick, self-service apps, integrated with Breathe HR.

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Fatigue management

Network Rail built, tested and deployed their Covid app to introduce a simple, yet efficient digital reporting system that easily tracks and log COVID-compliant working behaviours.

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