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Ensure new starters are suitably briefed and equipped from day one with Nutshell’s mobile onboarding apps. They’re all ready-built, 100% customisable to your workflow and come free with a Nutshell subscription…

What is an employee induction app?

Whether you work on construction sites or in an office environment, one of the most important aspects of people management is delivering a thorough induction and onboarding process. Not only does this ensure new starters have a clear brief of the task at hand, but it’s also crucial for safety and compliance. This can be really challenging when your induction pack is on paper, given how often internal processes and safety standards change.

Employee Onboarding Apps ensure a thorough induction process by giving staff everything they need to get started in the palm of their hand. You can deliver all essential task management and site safety information digitally, with a sign-off process to confirm understanding, and even track individual competencies for compliance purposes.

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What’s the best employee onboarding system for me?

Nutshell has a selection of new hire onboarding apps in our template library, and we’re building new versions with our customers all the time. Here are some of our most popular HR onboarding checklists:

Employee Onboarding

Industry-standard employee onboarding app

Training Feedback

Industry-standard training feedback

Construction Site Induction

Industry-standard construction site induction app

Employee Handbook

Industry-standard HR employee handbook app

Report hand-off and tracking

Make sure every report is processed and actioned on time

Pre-Populated Data

Speed-up data entry with pre-selected date, time, project, and task information.


Signature Capture

Establish clear audit trails with an e-signature

How do I choose a risk assessment mobile app?

Not only is a botched onboarding responsible for lower productivity and staff morale, but could be devastating in physical environments. Construction site workers are actually three times more likely to suffer an injury in their first month on the job, with gaps in the site induction often being responsible for the incident. Persons in charge need a way of keeping track of how staff have been inducted, and if there are any knowledge or skills gaps before assigning them to projects.

Our Employee Onboarding App gives you everything you need when welcoming a new starter, whether in the flesh or completely remotely. You can deliver information around their daily duties, internal processes, company policies and handbook, with the ability to quickly and easily update this welcome pack whenever necessary.

Nutshell’s Site Induction App is more popular in the physical industries where the priority is site safety, productivity, and tracking competencies. With checks and approval flows for each stage of the induction, you can ensure no briefings are being skipped or misunderstood. You can also reference this competency data in the future, should you wish to for compliance or planning purposes.

Each of our onboarding apps can be linked seamlessly with the Employee Handbook App, often managed by the HR team to give staff wider information around internal processes such as sickness, benefits, leave requests and payroll. This means staff have a single hub for all essential information when they start, helping them feel less overwhelmed and better connected to the business.

Related apps

Customers who use Nutshell’s onboarding and induction systems also find the following useful, especially as these apps can be easily linked together to create fully-automated workflows.

Weekly Timesheets

Industry-standard weekly timesheets

Daily Timesheets

Industry-standard daily timesheet

Clock-in/out Timesheets

Industry-standard clock-in/out timesheet

Incident Reporting

Industry-standard site safety app

Covid 19 Site Observation

Industry-standard infection control app

Infection Control

Industry-standard infection control

Close Call Report

Industry-standard close call reporting

Near Miss Report

Industry-standard near miss reporting

Accident Report

Industry-standard accident report app

How it works

With Nutshell, taking your business digital couldn’t be easier…

1. Buy a subscription

Your Nutshell Customer Success manager will be your new best friend guiding you through the process

2. Choose your apps

We’ll customise your apps to fit your workflow, add your colours and logo… you tell us how they should work

3. Publish to your workforce

When your employees login to Nutshell, they’ll have instant access to your customised business apps

4. Kick back and relax

Think of all the fun ways you can spend the time and money you’ve saved not having to chase missing data

Why Nutshell?

The trouble with off-the-shelf new hire onboarding software is that it rarely talks to the rest of your business software. You need to export and import data from one to another by hand, which is slow, expensive and leads to mistakes and data blind-spots… which defeats the object in going digital in the first place.

Imagine if your induction app could automatically populate schedules of work based on skills and competencies, all on its own. Well, with Nutshell it can.

Nutshell apps are 100% customisable to your business. Not just the superficial stuff – every part of your workflow, from data-capture and line-manager approval, to processing, reporting and integrating with your existing back-office systems.

Request a demo now to see for yourself how Nutshell can deliver fully-integrated and fully-automated software across every area of your business, without having to change the way you work.

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