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Fatigue Management app

Designed for Network Rail Scotland, our fatigue management app will help your business to comply with fatigue risk standard (NR/L2/0HS/003). 

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At-a-glance features


Roster Integration

Import shift rosters in real time from your database (or any software with an open API) to keep fatigue managed effectively.

Power BI Integration

Visualise data in real time with nutshell’s Power BI integration. Create elegant dashboards to improve visibility of vital fatigue data.

Offline Mode

Fatigue Management App does not require internet connection. Activity is cached and delivered when connection is restored minimising disruption.


Fully compliant with fatigue risk management standard (NR/L2/OHS/003) and ensures functional heads have access to a clear audit trail.

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Mandatory form fields

Make sure every fatigue risk assessment is fully complete and compliant

FRI Calculation

An FRI score you can rely on as standard

From October 2022, everybody working within Network Rail or on Network Rail infrastructure, assets and systems must comply with the new fatigue risk management standard (NR/L2/0HS/003).

Developed in partnership with Network Rail Scotland, this powerful, easy-to-use system can keep you fully compliant with the new standard and ensures functional heads have access to a clear audit trail.

Nutshell’s UXperts have worked hard to create a straight forward, user friendly app. This encourages high adoption rate and provides a short learning curve. 

Nutshell makes it incredibly quick and easy to customise this mobile app to your organisation.

Not just the colours and logos either – you can change everything about it, from the information you capture to the entire tracking and sign-off workflow.

If you’d like this app integrated with the rest of your back-office software, that’s easy too. Nutshell comes with a range of plug n’ play connectors to back-office products such as MS Office 365.

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“We needed a digital solution quickly and Nutshell did not disappoint. The ease and speed of build and implementation was outstanding”

Gerald O’Donnell

Project Manager, Network Rail Works Delivery

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The trouble with off-the-shelf apps is that they don't talk to each other. You need to export and import data from one to another by hand, which is slow and expensive, and defeats the object of going digital in the first place.

Imagine if your Site Diary could pull-in relevant Accident and Close Call reports automatically, or if Timesheets could alert your Fatigue Management app when an employee has exceeded safe working hours all on its own. It can.

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