Time to market

With health budgets straining under unprecedented challenges, mobility is enabling high value delivery that mitigates potential barriers and rising costs. The ability to provide apps within minutes and publish directly to end users is the real-time solution healthcare needs.

The Problem

Mobile technology has a critical role to play in the future of healthcare. The time intensive journey of traditional app development and scarcity of funding available within the sector, means new ideas rarely enjoy a life beyond the flip-chart.

The Solution

With Nutshell, front line clinical staff are empowered, enabling them to solve their own problems, using the latest and most innovative technology available. The ability to build fully operational apps in less than a day has proved instrumental in the development of future healthcare, and reinforced the need to provide current, relevant and accurate content to all.


Mobile health solutions are built to introduce new workflows and support existing processes that optimise efficiencies. To achieve this, there are several considerations for successfully integrating mobile in to your existing infrastructure.

The Problem

The tablet and smartphone have become as ubiquitous as the stethoscope, and While the industry has made good progress in the interoperability of healthcare IT infrastructure, optimisation for tablet and smartphone use is still low.

With unprecedented challenges against the rising cost of healthcare delivery, and an infrastructure that needs supplemented rather than replaced, mobile tech advancements are the integral in providing a secure, reliable and available solution.

The Solution

To truly optimise productivity, the ability to accurately exchange information with other systems, especially optimising an organisation’s EHR for tablet or phone use, offers timely, instant access to data, wherever and whenever it is needed. Not only does this impact on the management of patient data, but also empowers clinicians with confidence and trusted information.

In addition to huge financial incentives, Nutshell is delivering rapid mobile solutions for a more efficient health service that facilitates better patient care and maximises productive working hours for healthcare professionals.


With Nutshell’s simple visual builder, anyone can create, test and deploy their own mobile apps, empowering employees to solve their own business problems, without putting pressure on the IT department.

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NHS Code4Health

NHS Code4Health Case Study

Find out how Nutshell helped the NHS transform young peoples’ mental health monitoring in just an afternoon…

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