Stay safe and connected throughout COVID-19 and beyond

Nutshell ensures businesses stay COVID-secure with mobile inspections and checklists, and helps remote workers manage their mental and physical wellbeing with fatigue monitoring and workspace assessments.
Home working during lock-down

You’re not alone

The global outbreak of Coronavirus has seen millions of people forced to work from home for the first time, or make fundamental changes to how they work day to day.

In situations like this, safeguarding employee welfare while maintaining a productive and healthy workforce is a top priority for every organisation, regardless of size.

It’s almost ironic then, after helping some of the UK’s biggest employers mobilise their staff with field-working apps, we at Nutshell HQ have had to overcome a few hurdles ourselves whilst adapting to remote working life.

This is how we helped businesses unify communications and improve mental and physical wellbeing by introducing the workforce to COVID inspections, checklists, and journalling apps on mobile and tablet.

Encourage COVID-compliant behaviours

COVID presents a real problem for physical industries, where site workers are often in close proximity.

In order to stay safe and compliant, businesses need a way to quickly communicate new guidelines to the disparate workforce, and to efficiently collect and process data from daily inspections and checklists.

Discover how Nutshell Apps helped Network Rail build, test and deploy their COVID app to introduce a simple-yet-efficient digital reporting system that easily tracks and logs COVID-compliant working behaviours on the frontline.

“Within a few days, we were up and running with our COVID app, which made this difficult time and the new way of working so much easier to manage.”

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Fatigue management

Avoid overworking and fatigue

It’s difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance when you’re trying to do everything in the same physical space. It’s just too easy to burn-out.

We created our Fatigue Tracker app to help our employees track time against goals, bring discipline to their working day and even set-up automated reminders to prompt them to take breaks!

Isolation and uncertainty

Relieve isolation and uncertainty

In quarantine, feelings of anxiety can be quite overwhelming. Regular breaks and activities are imperative to maintaining a healthy state of mind.

We created our Wellbeing Journal app to help our team monitor their feelings about work, family and life in general, with access to a wealth of resources to help them beat stress and stay positive.

Poor ergonomics

Improve working environments

Every employee should have a safe, comfortable environment in which to work, but this can be difficult when you’re camped-out in the spare room!

We created our Workspace Assessor app to help leaders evaluate their team’s makeshift working environments, carry out risk assessments and provide guidance on good posture and physical wellbeing.

Introducing the Mobile Lockdown Toolkit

Our Mobile Lockdown Toolkit is a suite of five easy-to-use Smartphone apps for iOS and Android, designed to help you overcome some of the most common  challenges that remote working brings – all used and tested by our own staff.


We believe everyone should be doing their bit to help in the fight against Coronavirus, which is why we’ve made these apps available as a bundle. That’s five mobile apps for the price of one.

Implement our lockdown toolkit in days

Our Mobile Lockdown Toolkit is ready to go, and can be up and running across your team in less than two working days.

Want it customised to fit your brand? We can do that too – with Nutshell’s simple drag-and-drop app editor, we’ll have your apps tailored to your business in less time than it takes to find a pack of toilet rolls.

Mobile Lockdown Toolkit

Fatigue Tracker

Track staff working hours and avoid employee burn-out with early warnings of fatigue and break-time reminders

Wellbeing Journal

Visual wellbeing journal, including good-habits checklist and customisable ideas board for daily activities

Workspace Assessor

Easy remote workplace assessments, discomfort monitoring and database of daily stretches and exercises

Supplies Manager

Manage out-of-pocket expenses for daily office supplies and hardware, with full request and approval process

Health Checker

Up-to-date WHO Covid 19 data-feed and Coronavirus symptom checklist, with sickness reporting and action plan

Ensure a safer workforce today

Don’t take our word for it! Arrange a no-obligation demo of our COVID apps to learn how you can keep your site- and office-based workers safe during the pandemic and beyond.