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Northumbria Police

Find out how Nutshell helped Northumbria Police slash the number of unnecessary 101 calls whilst saving more than £27,000 on development costs

Northumbria Police

Like most Police forces in the UK, Northumbria are inundated on a daily basis with 101 calls from well-meaning members of the public. They've teamed up with the ICCQ to devise and deliver a user-friendly smartphone solution that'll free up misspent police resource.

The Solution

Northumbria Police and the ICCQ were able to build, test and distribute the MyStreet app to thousands of iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices in less than 3 weeks; something that would have been impossible without Nutshell.

The Result

The MyStreet app has saved Northumbria an incredible 150 man-hours of wasted Police time each and every month. That’s £22,000 worth of Police work that Sergeant Bensley has reclaimed throughout 2016 - that's a whole extra Police officer on the beat!

"MyStreet performed better than we ever thought possible. Thanks to Nutshell we can expand our reach further across the region, without breaking the bank."


Sgt. John Bensley

Northumbria Police

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