No-code technology is helping businesses to create custom solutions to digitise their processes, allowing enterprises to build applications and construct complex workflows without the need for any code.  

But what is no-code technology, and how can it benefit your business?

What is no-code technology?

A no-code development platform is a tool that can be used to build software applications without interacting with complex back-end systems – in other words, there’s no need for coding. Using a visual development platform, anyone can create apps using a drag and drop interface to add application components.

So, rather than building an app by inputting complex code, you can simply drag and drop pre-built elements to create one that truly meets your needs. Find out more about no-code technology here.

The benefits of no-code technology

Save time

Developing custom applications can be a complex task, as the entire app will need to be built from scratch. The complexity of writing the code and building the infrastructure is a huge job that will slow the process down and require access to expert-level resources.

With no-code platforms, you can get your apps live significantly faster. The coding and infrastructure stages have already been done, so you can jump straight in to building. The simplicity of the no-code development process means more can be done in less time.

Using Nutshell’s no-code platform, Murphy engineers were able to build, test, and deploy a suite of three safety-critical mobile apps for both Android and iOS in less than a week. That’s 10x faster than would have been possible using a traditional, highly skilled app developer.

Better agility

Because no-code apps are quicker to build, and easier to manage and update, your business can be much more agile. If, for example, regulations change or the app needs to be adapted and evolved in response to user testing and feedback, this can be done instantly, in-house.

Save money

Rather than hiring a specialist company to build the app, or an in-house team of coders, anyone within an organisation can create the required apps through the no-code platform. This can save significant amounts of money when compared to outsourcing to specialist providers, which can be expensive and hard to find.

In addition to the initial savings, legacy maintenance can also be a huge cost for companies. But with no-code development, there is no legacy code and, as a result, no need to maintain it.

SYSTRA used Nutshell’s no-code technology to undertake an ambitious digital transformation initiative, that saw them reduce end-to-end data processing time by 75%. They were able to develop the app and roll it out to their workforce for less than 20% of the cost of outsourcing the work to a traditional software development company.

Easily changeable

With traditional coding, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming to make amendments to the app’s features or functions. No-code apps can be updated quickly and simply from the building platform, so whenever a process needs to be tweaked or added, the updates can be made live instantly.

Accessible to all

No-code platforms allow anyone to build fully functional, enterprise-ready applications from scratch, without the need for any technical training or prior experience. This removes the need for specialist software engineers or coding experts.

No-code development platforms are customisable, secure, and cost-effective, providing the opportunity for businesses to develop applications and digitise processes that they never thought possible.


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