Paperless Office

Dreaming of a paper-free, minimalist haven where you never lose anything vital again?

Technology provides a host of smart tools to help your office reduce paper waste. Businesses are drawn to ‘access anywhere’ solutions, so it’s not surprising to learn that smart enterprises are embracing the digital, paperless workplace.

Going paperless is great, and it comes with great knock on effects too: employee happiness; productivity; cost reductions and streamlined efficiency. The days of towering, tilting and terror inducing filing cabinets are over. Instead, smart enterprises are equipped with responsive, productive and efficient mobility strategies that are geared up to improve processes across the board.

Nutshell lets you create workflows that eliminate the use of paper in your daily operations by letting you produce powerful mobile applications that digitize your workflows. No matter what stage you are at in your efforts to go tree free, we’ve got a few suggestions for you to force on your fellow colleagues!

Reduce and discourage paper usage.

  • Track the number of pages printed per person (they’ll thank you for it!), you could even create a regular account of their paper use and email it to everyone!
  • Make it less convenient to print.
  • It may help to focus on one area within your organisation. You could start by getting the Accounts department on board by requesting paperless statements.
  • Actively advocating a philosophy of ‘reuse and recycle’ can alter prevailing attitudes toward paper usage – Office Hero!

Re-architect key business processes.

  • By re-structuring certain business processes you can identify which ones make unnecessary use of paper.
  • Do you still request physical signatures on actual paper!? Two words – electronic signature!
  • Which leads me nicely on to internal documents as apps. You can reproduce, refine and reinvent your internal workflows as apps.

And finally, do you have the right infrastructure in place?

  • It’s not hard to meet tool requirements with Nutshell Apps. Our platform deploys to all devices and mobile operating systems. With the increasing popularity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), you’ve got a well-stocked pantry of devices just waiting to be utilised.

Becoming paperless, or at least paper-less, is definitely worth the effort.

Too good to be true, right? See it for yourself.

Learn how to drag-and-drop your business away from paper forms and tedious processes by arranging a free 20-minute demo with our product team.

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