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Nutshell XR provides an immersive, engaging experience for users, making real-time collaboration more effective. 

Visualisation is a crucial aspect of many industries, including engineering, construction, oil & gas and aviation. With XR (Extended Reality) users can interact with intricate designs or complex data sets. Could this revolutionise the way we develop and interact with applications? Let’s delve into it.


Amplifying User Experience with XR

Being in the field shouldn’t mean being disconnected. NutshellXR makes it possible for workers to communicate and collaborate with experts and other co-workers, no matter the distance. With hands-free, voice-activated navigation, users of the NutshellXR headset can share insights and solve problems collaboratively.

Forget filtering your way through reams of unnecssary forms and checklists, with NutshellXR, you can manage these tasks seamlessly and remotely, revolutionising your workflow with digital convenience. Say goodbye to delays and welcome quicker, real-time data-driven decisions.


Visual Information at your fingertips

NutshellXR enables you to see your processes and workflows digitally through a headset, as well as share photos and videos in an instant. Users can also set up a remote call through their voice-activated, hands-free device. This is important, especially for field workers, because it simplifies the process of providing evidence, such as equipment requiring repair.

No more taking photos on your phone to rush back to the office and send endless emails. Instead, capture and share real-time visual data, thereby significantly saving time and enhancing productivity.


Enhanced Safety in High-Risk Environments

In a Nutshell, navigating mobile apps and workflows through XR can ensure smarter, safer and more effective field operations. One of the main benefits is that workers can keep both hands free to handle equipment, climb ladders or perform other physical tasks, reducing the risk of accidents. By using voice commands to fill out forms or checklists, operators can focus on their physical surroundings and the task at hand.

As well as this, with NutshellXR’s remote call feature, if a user encounters a dangerous or unfamiliar situation, they are able to share their view with a remote expert. This is useful because the remote expert can provide guidance, and help the worker to navigate the situation safely and effectively.

An Overview of NutshellXR

We’ve partnered with the latest wearable technology manufacturers to make your digitised processes and workflows more accessible for the mobile workforce. Leverage and enhance existing project deliverables and access the technical support library with hands-free, voice-activated navigation. With seamless connectivity between workflows, data collection becomes more reliable and of a much higher quality.

The use of XR and voice-activated, hands-free glasses are indeed becoming the future of the digital user experience, and with NutshellXR, you can substantially improve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of the mobile workforce, making it a powerful tool in the modern digital workplace.

Why Should I Invest in NutshellXR?

In this rapidly digitalising world, embracing innovative technologies is more than an option; it’s a necessity. The rise of Extended Reality (XR), combined with Nutshell’s bespoke, No-Code platform, offers a unique and transformative solution that meets this demand head-on. NutshellXR is revolutionising the way we visualise data, interact with complex systems, and collaborate in real-time, creating a more engaging, safe, and efficient work environment. 


By harnessing NutshellXR, businesses can connect their teams seamlessly, no matter their location and provide them with a more immersive and interactive experience. This not only enhances productivity but also reduces the risk of accidents and mishaps in high-risk environments. The hands-free, voice-activated headsets aid in maintaining the focus on the task at hand while also enabling real-time data sharing and problem-solving.

On top of this, in comparison to its competitors, NutshellXR has a much more simplified multi-feature drag and drop workflow creator interface. With the ability to publish workflows to user groups within minutes; easy compatibility with any backend work-order management system, and at a very competitive price.  


Imagine a world where delays are minimised, decisions are data-driven and field operations are safer and smarter. With NutshellXR, this vision is not only achievable, but it’s within your reach. Don’t get left behind in this digital revolution. Invest in NutshellXR and help shape the future of work today. 

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