Supported by NHS Digital and NHS England, the NHS Code4Health initiative aims to simulate the provision of an open health and care ecosystem, to develop and deliver high quality digital solutions to NHS staff and patients alike. The Nutshell Apps platform is the latest addition to the capabilities being made available or Code4Health communities to leverage.

NHS Code4Health deploys Nutshell

The Code4Health team from NHS Digital recently visited Nutshell HQ to familiarise themselves with our no-code, drag and drop app development platform. The initiative are dedicated to an app innovation journey that will see them now utilising Nutshell to enable positive change in the way health and care services are delivered in the UK.

Recently, the Nutshell team – as Code4Health supporters – met with the NHS Youth Forum. In an afternoon, the Nutshell Apps team took the requirements of those involved and turned these requirements into a working prototype – in a single afternoon!

The Nutshell Apps platform offers the ideal solution to a multitude of mobile app and mobile app development woes across a wide variety of industries. By providing frontline staff with the ability to create high quality, feature-rich smartphone and tablet apps that support the future of employment and digital working environments – with absolutely no code whatsoever required – Nutshell are paving the way for a workforce underpinned by citizen developers.

Digitising existing processes and facilitating positive change in an industry central to health and wellbeing in the UK by using the Nutshell platform, is sure to provide clinicians and social care professionals with the appropriate tools to make positive and long-lasting digital changes to the NHS.

Peter Coates from NHS Digital who leads the Code4Health initiative said:

“The Nutshell platform provides our Code4Health communities with a rapid app development and delivery environment, dramatically reducing the time and effort to prototype, produce and deliver apps that satisfy their requirements. Our Code4health communities have a wide range of projects that will be utilising the Nutshell platform and we are continuing to work with Nutshell their app development platform is interoperable with the wider health and care eco-system as a we build out an open digital platform for health and care.”

Martyn Cuthbert, Nutshell’s managing director, followed with:

“The Nutshell team are incredibly proud to be working alongside the NHS Code4Health initiative and the Apperta Foundation on this project, knowing how immeasurably vital the future of healthcare is to us all. To see a team of non-developers and young people building healthcare app solutions, in what is becoming an incredibly innovative space, is the future of app development in this industry.”

For more information on our work with NHS Digital, NHS Code4Helath and The Apperta Foundation, get in touch today.

If you’d like to arrange a demo of the Nutshell Apps platform, call: 0191 499 8507