The Nutshell Platform has received an update with some exciting new features!

Our platform update brings some exciting new features to the Nutshell builder:

  • Bar/QR Code Scanner: This component will open the device camera to capture a QR/Bar code.
  • Annotate: The Annotate component allows the user to annotate an uploaded or captured image.
  • IF Statement: The IF component can change the user’s path based on their selection within a workflow.
  • Calculate: The Calculate component makes mathematical calculations as part of the workflow, which replaces scripts used previously.
  • Tracked Links: Tracked Links give the ability to capture in-app traffic passing through a link between two screens inside the app. This will provide user insight inside the app on specific workflows.
  • Notched Phones Screen Revisions: This revision will auto compensate for Newer phones which have notched screens, both for landscape and portrait apps.
  • SVG Images Upload: SVG image types can now be uploaded to Nutshell. The advantage of SVG is that they can be stretched and compressed without losing the image quality, and don’t look blurred on devices with high pixel density.