Introducing Nutshell Apps' Innovative Imported Shift Evaluation tool.


Nutshell Apps, a renowned name in the tech industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Imported Shift Evaluation Tool, a ground-breaking innovation aimed at helping users efficiently manage invalid data in their fatigue management solution. This revolutionary tool underscores Nutshell’s unwavering commitment to pioneering advanced, user-friendly solutions that boost productivity and streamline operations for organisations of all sizes. 

The Imported Shift Evaluation Tool stands out with its intelligent design and functionality. It meticulously identifies and flags any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in shift data, including missing employees, duplicate shifts, absent roles, missing projects, non-existing dates, or invalid shift lengths. This meticulous flagging ensures a comprehensive clean-up of any discrepancies in shift upload data, allowing for a much more accurate and efficient fatigue management process. 

The tool offers a multi-faceted approach to managing errors. Users have the flexibility to amend these errors in various ways: individually, by worker, or for all shifts exhibiting the same error. This customisation allows users to streamline the error management process according to their specific needs, enabling a more precise and time-efficient error resolution process. 

One of the unique benefits of the Imported Shift Evaluation Tool is its powerful impact on Fatigue Risk Index (FRI) calculations. By allowing users to rectify errors in their shift upload data before running these calculations, it ensures a significantly more accurate assessment of fatigue risk. This precision is essential in enhancing the efficacy of fatigue management solutions and, consequently, the health and safety of the workforce.

With the introduction of the Imported Shift Evaluation Tool, Nutshell Apps is continuing to redefine the boundaries of digital fatigue management solutions. Users can now expect a more reliable, efficient, and accurate system that allows them to stay ahead of potential fatigue-related issues. 

Quality data is the cornerstone of effective fatigue management. Our new Imported Shift Evaluation Tool is specifically designed to validate and improve the data quality, enabling more reliable FRI calculations.

We believe this tool will be instrumental in helping organisations build safer, more productive working environments. 

Chris Sharp

Commercial Director

About Nutshell Apps 

Nutshell Apps is a trailblazer in the tech industry, renowned for delivering innovative, user-centric digital solutions that revolutionise business operations. With its cutting-edge technology and robust fatigue management solution, Nutshell Apps is committed to promoting healthier, safer, and more productive workplaces worldwide. 

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