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For Nutshell Apps’ ongoing “Inspiring Women in No-Code” series, we had the pleasure to chat with one of our own, who started her journey as a Tester and now holds the position of Key Accounts Builder. Here’s Tamara’s insight into the world of no-code, her experience with Nutshell, and her thoughts on women in the tech industry.

Discovering the World of No-Code

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in the tech/no-code industry?

“Growing up, I had an innate love for design, drawing, and computers. My parents always instilled in me the belief that I should pursue what I love and never be limited by stereotypes. While studying for my degree, I began delving into the world of no-code through blogging using no-code web builders. The experience was a stepping stone. When Nutshell Apps offered me the chance to deepen my involvement in the industry, I grabbed it without hesitation. Looking back, it’s fascinating to see how my journey with Nutshell has not only shaped my professional life but also exposed me to the power and potential of no-code solutions.” 

The Joys of Building at Nutshell 

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Nutshell? 

“The entire process is exhilarating – from conceptualising with our Designer and Architect, bringing the app to life, undergoing the UAT phase, and finally seeing it go live. The scope of our creations is vast – from compact Close Call apps to comprehensive solutions like our Fatigue Management Solution. Collaborating with our developers and witnessing the evolution of a product is a truly mesmerising experience. What stands out about Nutshell is the continuous encouragement to be our best selves. Management are always proactive in offering avenues for growth, feedback, and support. 

Empowering Women in Tech 

Q: Do you have any tips for other women looking to start a career in the tech industry? 

“Simply put, dive in! With platforms like Nutshell, the process has never been more accessible. The company is always behind us, cheering us on, and ensuring that our future is bright and our potential limitless.” 

Q: Based on the challenges faced by women in tech, how can we improve the retention rate of women in this sector? 

“The challenges women face in the tech sector, from burnout and gender bias to ‘bro-culture’ and the struggle to maintain work-life balance, are real. To counter these issues, it’s vital to ensure equality at the workplace. At Nutshell, this is embedded in our ethos. Women are given equal opportunities for leadership roles, just as men are. Although I don’t have children, I see the tangible benefits of the hybrid working model Nutshell offers. It empowers those with young families, ensuring they don’t have to choose between career and family. Nutshell truly comprehends the essence of work-life balance and respects that every employee has a life beyond work.” 

In the ever-evolving world of tech and no-code, it’s heartening to see companies fostering an environment where passion, talent, and commitment are recognised and rewarded, regardless of gender. As we continue our “Inspiring Women in No-Code” series, we look forward to sharing more such stories of resilience, growth, and success. 

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