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For Nutshell Apps’ ongoing “Inspiring Women in No-Code” series, we had the pleasure to chat with one of our own, who holds the position of App Builder and was recently awarded Nutshell’s Kudos Award for being a real natural in her role. Here’s Zoe’s insight into the world of no-code, her experience with Nutshell, and her thoughts on women in the tech industry.

Discovering the World of No-Code

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career in the tech/no-code industry?

During my college years, my teachers introduced me to app development. In one particular project, we were tasked to develop a booking application. Although initially challenged by the coding aspect, I innovated by minimising the code usage, ultimately leading to a successful app. This experience ignited my passion for the no-code approach, which is why I’m so excited to be working on Nutshell’s no-code, app-building platform, building bespoke, personalised apps for businesses of all sizes.”

The Joys of Building at Nutshell 

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Nutshell? 

Nutshell fosters an environment where open communication and collaboration are encouraged. Whenever faced with challenges or intricate workflows, I am comforted knowing that I can rely on a supportive team. This team, comprising wonderful individuals, is always willing to share their expertise and guide me towards improved methods.”

Empowering Women in Tech 

Q: Do you have any tips for other women looking to start a career in the tech industry? 

“I would definitely recommend engaging with current industry professionals provides invaluable insights about what to anticipate regarding work demands and organisational culture. Moreover, participating in diverse tech workshops and events is crucial. The tech industry offers a plethora of roles; so I really think it’s essential to identify a path that resonates with you, ensuring career longevity and preventing burnout..” 

Q: Based on the challenges faced by women in tech, how can we improve the retention rate of women in this sector? 

Promoting a workplace that emphasises equality and inclusivity is paramount. Recognising the nature of most tech roles, companies should leverage the possibility of hybrid work, offering flexible work hours. This approach can significantly ameliorate work-life balance issues, thus aiding in retaining more women in the tech sphere..” 

The tech world is bursting with endless opportunities, eagerly waiting for more women to dive in and make their unique mark. Stories from our App Builder, Zoe, highlight the fantastic contributions women make in tech. It’s fantastic to see Zoe showcase her talent and stress the importance of drawing more women into this dynamic field. At places like Nutshell, there’s a friendly atmosphere, filled with support, openness, and flexibility.

Here’s to envisioning a future where the tech landscape is enriched with diverse voices and fresh perspectives!

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